March 1973


Letters to the Editor

Ski Directory

Snowmobile Directory

Room With a View

By Darrell A. Rolerson.

North by East

Loss of the Thomaston Ship ‘Alfred D. Snow’

By C.W. Lewis, Jr.

Tracking the Bobcat

By Steve Takach.

Old Days — Old Ways

By Ruth W.L. Draper.

Ski Training With the Green Berets at Sunday River, Bethel

By Glenn Richmond.

Five Million Tiny Trees — Western Maine Nursery at Fryeburg

By Lloyd Ferriss.

Old-time Logging Camp Clerk

By Henry Milliken.

Winter Climb up Mt. Katahdin — Color Photos

By David Caret.

An Icy Winter on the Old ‘Ripogenus’

By Arthur W. Wall.

The Down East Enterprise

Down East Bookshelf

Outdoor Maine

By Gene Letourneau.


By Doc Rockwell.


Cover: “The Down Easters,” by Bruce Elliot Roberts.