June 2011


The Prison and the Trees

At the Charleston Correctional Facility, inmates discover the dignity of working in the woods.

  • By: Susan Hand Shetterly
  • Photography by: Melonie Bennett

Rising Tide on the Penobscot

After a quarter-century of planning, Bangor’s new waterfront project is setting a new high-water mark of opportunity for local businesses and residents.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

Where Now?

22 Days on the Appalachian Trail.

Music to Their Ears

Bringing a popular folk festival to the waterfront started Bangor’s new groove, but the wave of pride and fresh prosperity has washed across the entire city.

Our Town

Mount Vernon is the kind of place we’d all like to call home.

  • By: Virginia M. Wright
  • Photography by: Jennifer Smith-Mayo

Fly Rods & Fish Tales

A new museum near Rangeley keeps Maine’s outdoor sporting heritage alive.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore
  • Photography by: Alan Lavallee

The Mural

For three years, artist Judy Taylor’s mural, “The History of Maine Labor,” hung quietly on the walls of the Maine Department of Labor building in Augusta. Then Governor Paul LePage ordered it removed, citing complaints from business officials who objected to the content. The national controversy made Taylor’s mural into the most famous work of art in Maine, and yet few Mainers have seen the thirty-six-foot-long work in its entirety. Here are the eleven panels and the story they tell.


So You Think You Know Bangor?

More than a few people — including a surprising number of Mainers — labor under some misperceptions about the city on the Penobscot. Here are the facts, and just a few stories, to set the record straight.

A Taste of Bangor

Here is a sampler plate of good bets.

  • By: Kathleen Fleury

One Summer in Maine

The daughter of acclaimed children’s author Robert McCloskey remembers a special trip to her father’s beloved island.


Where in Maine?

Have you ever visited this “quiet” harbor village?

Letters to the Editor

Read what our readers have to say about Maine.

Fearing the Atom

Events in Japan focus attention on nuclear dangers in Maine.

  • By: Colin Woodard

Choosing Maine

Plenty of people have moved here to accept a job offer, but more often than not, people move to Maine because Maine is where they want to be.

  • By: Virginia M. Wright

Smoke Signals

War games in northern Maine were not a laughing matter fifty years ago.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

Editor’s Note

One of the lucky ones.

North by East

A retirement home for circus elephants, Phippsburg’s mysterious roadside tombstone, and more.

Clam Shack Chic

Classic Maine cuisine kicked up a notch is on the menu at Robert’s, in the heart of Kittery’s shopping district.

  • By: Maria Padian

Kingdom of the Useless

A rundown mill serves as the perfect setting for a summer adventure.

  • By: Jaed Coffin