Down East June 2010

June 2010

The table of contents from the June 2010 issue of Down East.


Mysteries of Maine

Ball lightning! Sea serpents! Ghosts! Buried treasure! Viking visitors! A vanished plane! An alien abduction! All that, and the world’s most famous dead dog. By: Rob Sneddon. Illustrations by: Dean MacAdam



Each of the four communities that make up the Boothbay peninsula is its own unique village. Yet one element unites them all. By: Joshua F. Moore


Whoopie Do!

A new book by Nancy Griffin explores Mainers’ favorite indulgence.


Maine by the Numbers

If you’re thinking about relocating in Maine you should know that each of Maine’s sixteen counties has an identity of its own.


Just Breathe

The former Pine Tree State Arboretum in Augusta has long been one of Maine’s best-kept secret sanctuaries — but that’s all about to change. By: Virginia Wright. Photography by: Alan Lavallee


Bold Strokes

Over ten years, Andres A. Verzosa, owner of Aucocisco Galleries, has created a thriving business while working to radically transform Portland’s arts scene. Photography by: Jeff Scher


Gorham at a Crossroads

Farm town? College town? Commuter town? One of Maine’s fastest growing communities faces a future filled with questions. By: Virginia Wright. Photography by: Dean Abramson


Why They Moved to Maine

Maine’s small cultural, environmental, and artistic institutions play an important role in attracting the best and the brightest to the Pine Tree State. Just ask these six “Mainers by choice.” By: Edgar Allen Beem. Photography by: Mark Fleming


The Axeman Cometh

Literary logger John S. Springer was, in many ways, the opposite of his contemporary, Henry David Thoreau. It’s a shame the two authors never met. By: Wayne Curtis



Where in Maine?

Have you ever cruised this coastal river? Photography by: Alan Lavallee


Proof Is in the Pizza (Box)

Take 2 Dough Productions (79 Emery St., Suite B, Sanford, 207-490-6502, makes a delicious organic frozen dough ball that comes in white, whole wheat, and multigrain. As the dough thaws and the yeast proofs, the container expands until a notch indicates that the dough is fully proofed. Find the 14”-16” dough balls at Whole Foods and select other stores in Maine.


Letters to the Editor

Read what our readers have to say about Maine. Photography by: Sue Anne Hodges


Planting Hope

A Mainer pays tribute to lilacs’ enduring resilience. By: Ken Textor


The Phantom Tollbooth

The Maine Turnpike Authority moves in mysterious ways. By: Colin Woodard


The Home Plate

Brian’s Bistro in Rumford features great food and familiar faces. By: Monica Wood. Photography by: Hannah Welling


Editor’s Note

The Poacher’s Son. By: Paul Doiron


Sign Here

There’s a new toy in town — and it’s not just for the kids. Alphabetown (, created by two freelance graphic designers from Camden, consists of images of individual letters found on signs from Boothbay to Belfast. The set ($24.99 for twenty-seven 4”x 6” cards) comes in a muslin bag, and is perfect for a letter-learning toddler. Buy the whole set, individual letters, or a full alphabet poster via the online store or at more than a dozen retailers across Maine.


North by East

Shirtless in southern Maine, from Monticello to Mickey Mouse, and more.


Clock Work

Timing was critical for air patrols of Acadia during World War II. By: Joshua F. Moore


The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across the state.