Down East June 1997

June 1997

The table of contents from the June 1997 issue of Down East.


North by East

Opinions and musings on Portland’s city bell, Fairfield’s town ducks, and Maine’s appetite for tapioca.

Hill Country

Locals and summercators call it Waterford, but  it’s actually a collection of gorgeous little villages tucked into the foothills of the White Mountains. Andrew Vietze takes us on a tour.

Maine’s Lovely Lupines

Were June’s showiest wildflowers originally planted by some beneficent Lupine Lady or are they native beauties? Richard Grant seeks out the answer.

Solving a Painful Maine Mystery

After a clumsy first-time novelist reopened old wounds last year by trying to fictionalize a ghastly 1941 maritime disaster, we asked contributing editor Edgar Allen Beem to set the record straight. His report is an eye-opener.

Acadia’s Finest

Ranger Bryant Woods is a naturalist who takes as much pleasure in telling people about the park as he does in exploring it himself. By Andrew Vietze.

One Happy Couple

Each summer more couples from away are electing to exchange their vows on the coast of Maine. We look in on the nuptials of one bride and groom. By Winnie White.

Building a Better Screen Door

Two midcoast companies have turned Lincoln County into the wooden screen-door capital of the Northeast. By C.J. Davies.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb

The most-talked-about event of 1912 in Sanford was immortalized in an old photograph. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.


Room With A View

Governing bodies have a compulsive obsession with taxation which goes beyond practicality. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Maine

Island Logging

The Maine Viewpoint

Waldo County Boomlet

Inside Maine

Bangor’s Blue Ox

Dining Down East

Center Lovell Inn

Down East Bookshelf

Travel Literature

Along the Waterfront

Captain Pagel’s Latest

I Remember

Dump Run

Cover: Lupine at Mill Cove, Stockton Springs, by Kevin Shields.