June 1990



Living in a Landmark

Kittery’s Lady Pepperrell House has all the comforts of home — and sixteen pages of deed restrictions. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Call of the Wild

Photographer Bert Call spent eighty years chronicling the majesty of the Maine North Woods.

A Family Affair

At Haynes Garage on Mount Desert Island, vintage cars are the guests of honor. By Nan Lincoln.

Captain Dudley’s Booty

A Kennebunkport sea captain’s extraordinary collection of Oriental treasures is the centerpiece of the Brick Store Museum’s fiftieth-anniversary season.

Surprising Bass Harbor

A small fishing village on Mount Desert Island’s “backside” offers respite from the summer crowds. Color photographs by Jack Ledbetter.

A Splash of Color

Gallery owner Judith Leighton has scored a solid success in Blue Hill by specializing in bold, bright, “gutsy-looking” art. By Beth Crichlow.

Who Killed John Wilson Barron?

More than a century later, theories of robbery, embezzlement, even suicide still surround the strange death of a Dexter bank treasurer. By Michael D. Burke.

Squantum Was Here!

Our greatest authority on all things Maine debunks a few myths about Colonial history, including the one about how the Pilgrims learned to plant com. By John Gould.

Caveat Renter!

One summer’s rental proves the axiom: Rent in haste, repent at leisure. By Christopher Corbett.

Waxing Inventive

At Burt’s Bees in Parkman, it is beeswax, not honey, that greases the path to success.

Art and Antiques — Summer 1990

A fourteen-page report on the  lively Maine art and antiques scene, June through September.



Room With A View

Dogs are smarter than most people think, and the fact that they have gotten where they are pretty much bears this out. Horses sleep in stables, pigs inhabit pens, chickens roost in henhouses, and Margaret sleeps at the foot of my bed, often with an afghan thrown over her. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Portland

Rockwell Kent Redux

The Maine Viewpoint

Disarming Felons

Down East Bookshelf

The Potato Baron by John Thorndike

Outdoor Maine

Bass Lore

Along the Waterfront

Design Your Own

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

The Lady Driver in Presque Isle


Cover: Bass Harbor, on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island. Photograph by Jack Ledbetter.