Down East June 1987

June 1987

The table of contents from the June 1987 issue of Down East.


Would You Buy a Used Armoire from this Man?

Why not? Thousands of bidders have spent millions of dollars on antiques at the Fairfield auction barn of James Julia. By Peter H. Spectre.

Candy Kisses by the Ton

At The Goldenrod in York Beach, saltwater taffy has been the number-one draw since the place, first opened its doors in 1896. By Jason Stone.

If It’s Fun, and It Floats . . .

Then  you’ll likely find it on Sebago Lake this summer. Photographs by Joe Devenney.

Making It in Maine

Two more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Seen Any Sea Serpents Lately?

If you have, Loren Coleman wants to know about it. By Patrick Morris.

Of Time and the Island

Nature’s languor sets the pace of summer life on Great Diamond Island in Casco Bay. Photographs by Judy Ellis Glickman.

Scaling New Heights

Jeff Ryan and Ed Cardali set a hard-to-match record climbing Maine’s fifty highest peaks. By Muriel L. Hendrix.

The Perils of Delphine

Mrs. Dodge’s palatial yacht has already survived three separate careers. By Fred E. Crockett.

ART and the WPA

A Depression-era project put Maine artists to work painting everything from murals to Mrs. George W.C. Drexel’s collection of ship figureheads. By Dorothy Hay Jensen.

Roy Cronkite’s Improbable Dream

In Saco, he has achieved his boyhood ambition: a public aquarium of his very own. By Jeff Clark.

Art and Antiques — Summer ’87

A thirteen-page special report on the lively Maine arts and antiques scene, June through September.


Room With a View

I require the sea. I don’t care if it comes thundering in with a roar as waves break and spray flies or whether it creeps in stealthily on a tidal flow that inches through the marshlands and silently fills the coves and reaches and tidal creeks. By Caskie Stinnett.

For the Record

April Flood Tops ’36 Deluge

The Maine Viewpoint

A Tantalizing Scam

Letter from Upcountry

The Headwaters of Temple Stream

Boating Down East

Six Classic Replicas to be Launched

Down East Bookshelf

The New Year’s Owl by Susan Shetterly

Calendar of Events

June Highlights

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

A Catastrophic Night at Kezar Lake

Cover: Auctioneer Jim Julia and his wife Ginger stand amid a collection of country store and old advertising items. By Benjamin Magro.