July 2012


Best of Maine: Eating

A menu of the state’s best cupcakes, pretzels, Fried Fish, Eritrean food, and lacto-fermented sauerkraut.

Best of Maine: Shopping

Your guide to men’s clothing, silk-screened pillows, dog treats, stone cabinet knobs, and a style consultant.

Best of Maine: Playing

Where to go for the best art gallery, seaside campground, music venue, wilderness adventure, and sun set.

Best of Maine: Unsung Hikes

Carey Michael Kish, editor of the AMC Maine Mountain Guide, share his favorite hikes you may have never heard of.

Garden of the Five Senses

At the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, flowers tantalize every part of you. Excerpted from Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: A People’s Garden by William Cullina, Dorothy E. Freeman, Ph.D., Barbara Hill Freeman.

Clay and Oysters

Artist Alison Evans borrows shapes from Maine mollusks to sculpt a stylish and graceful dinnerware line. By Rebecca Martin Evarts

The War Game

For one hundred summers, Pine Island Camp in Belgrade’s Great Pond has engaged in a complex battle of deception and strategy — and created many lifetimes’ worth of fond memories. By Robert Moor


North By East

Maine’s new fireworks law is about to get its first real test. The Augusta Country Club finds itself the source of some major confusion. A new study makes that creeping Maine fog seem even scarier. Miss those Maine-based soap operas of yore? Here’s one to watch on the Web.

Editor’s Note

How we put together our annual Best of Maine issue. By Paul Doroin

The Bath Salts Scourge

Tom Reagan, Bangor’s drug recognition expert, has a mission: To educate Mainers about the extreme dangers of bath salts. By Gillian Frisch

Natural Writer

Nature of Maine Pens

Our Backyard Forest

The wooded sanctuary behind our house taught our children about love and loss. By Meadow Rue Merrill

Where in Maine?

Can you identify this patriotic meetinghouse with a storied past?

Step Right Up

OOB’s legendary carney Dave “the Guesser” Glovsky became famous for his ESP. By Will Bleakley

Battle Over Bald Mountain

A controversial new law — aimed at the Aroostook County mount — loosens state regulations for open-pit mining. By Jeff Clark

The Slipway

The Slipway in Thomaston, on the tidal St. George River, has great seafood — and an even better view. By Brooke Dojny

A Lifelong Conversation

Richard and Kate Russo’s new book project is a result of their ongoing dialogue about the language of art. By Joshua Bodwell

Step Right Up

OOB’s legendary carney Dave “the Guesser” Glovsky became famous for his ESP. By Will Bleakley