Down East July 1991

July 1991

The table of contents from the July 1991 issue of Down East.


Who Lives in Wiscasset?

It may well be ‘Maine’s prettiest village,’ but there’s much more to Wiscasset than meets the eye. By Jeff Clark.

Gardening With a Purpose

A faithfully tended garden on a stony point at Owls Head plays a healing role. By Jane Lamb.

Just What We Wanted

Playing host to a cheeky young girl from Northern Ireland might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect summer, but for one South Portland couple, it more than filled the bill. By Deborah Dalfonso.

Forever Wild

After more than half a century, Baxter State Park still offers an exhilarating wilderness experience. Color photographs by Alden Pellett.

‘Monstrous Smart’

An exhibition of antique dresses currently being staged at the York Institute, in Saco, amply illustrates just what was considered ‘smart’ in early-1800 Maine. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Rogue Wave

When famed naturalist Roger Tory Peterson returned for a visit to Muscongus Bay last summer, he hadn’t bargained for a total-immersion experience. By Roger Tory Peterson.

Islesboro Idyll

Choosing an island site, Ed and Betsy Cohen focused their unconventional vacation retreat on the natural beauties of Penobscot Bay. By Chase Reynolds.

Teeing Off Down Memory Lane

Bar Harbor’s Kebo Valley Club boasts a rich golfing tradition, including the saga of William Howard Taft’s epic encounter with the seventeenth hole. By Michael Brosnan.


Room With A View

The people of Maine, like those of other states, are convinced that whatever is new is bound to be much better than whatever is old, and all one has to do to find proof of this is to walk along a beach or wetland on the coast of Maine to see what people are discarding. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Bangor

Operation Welcome Home

Down East Bookshelf

The Islanders by Elizabeth Foster

Along the Waterfront

Windjammer Weather

The Maine Viewpoint

Luxury Tax

Outdoor Maine

Poaching Up?

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

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Cover: The hulks of schooners Hesper and Luther Little are a sightseer’s delight on the Wiscasset shore of the Sheepscot River. A few conservationists have urged funding the restoration of the ancient four-masters. Local sentiment is “Let ’em  rot.” Photograph by Joe Devenney.