January 2010


The Last Port

Fishermen in Port Clyde hope their innovative ideas for harvesting — and selling — locally caught seafood will be enough to save the easternmost fishing fleet in the country. By: Joshua F. Moore. Photography by: Alan Lavallee

The Year of the Yurt

The best antidote to cabin fever might not be a cabin at all. By: Jaed Coffin. Photography by: Herb Swanson

Man of Vision

Passamaquoddy scholar Wayne Newell could have left Maine for a lucrative academic career. Instead he came home to Indian Township to devote himself to preserving an embattled culture. By: Susan Hand Shetterly. Photography by: Gabor Degre

Eat like a Mainer!

31 people, places, & dishes not to miss in 2010. By: Kathleen Fleury. Photography by: Russell French


Scrapping Over Seaweed

Harvesters of periwinkles and rockweed are crossing paths in eastern Maine. By: Colin Woodard

Through the Darkness

A new novel examines the world inside a Maine house from the point of view of a captive child. By: Debra Spark

Where in Maine?

Can you identify this pretty, snowy river?

Letters to the Editor

Read what our readers have to say about Maine.

The Waves of Maine

One Mainer contemplates the unwritten rules of saying hello. By: Ken Textor

Make Way for Maps

A map-filled library worth finding.

Editor’s Note

Thinking about Maine’s many runners-up. By: Paul Doiron

North by East

A chilly dunk for motivated Mainers, learning the value of Interlibrary Loan, and more.

The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across the state.

Mighty Musher

An Alaskan hero brought his best friend to Maine back in 1927. By: Joshua F. Moore

Nectar of the Gods

Combining the best of wine and soda.