January 2005


The Portland Conundrum

In this special issue of Down East, the editors take a fresh look at what makes the Forest City tick. It’s certainly a good-looking little city, and it’s so young at heart you just know it must have the devil in it. But is it really the best part of Maine?

Chitwood’s Army

Maine’s largest municipal police force has learned the hard way that carrying a big stick is only half the answer to successful policing, as its controversial and famously outspoken chief explains. By Joshua F. Moore.

Tightest-Knit Neighborhood in Town

The folks on Peaks Island don’t always agree with each other, but boy, do they know one another. By Wayne Curtis.

In Search of Portland’s Best Martini

An admitted martini snob offers a good-natured but authoritative guide to the top ten places around town where you might expect to find a proper martini. By Elizabeth Peavey.

Bold Colors & Billowing Patterns

A young artist has been “absolutely fearless” in bringing a fresh sense of style to her sedate West End town house. By VirginiaWright.

Where In Portland?

Can you identify this secluded spot in the city where everyone comes to feed the ducks – while keeping an eye out for coyotes? Photograph by Randy Ury.

Balancing Act

Portland native Lee Urban is charged with planning such projects as the Ocean Gateway and Bayside — while trying to preserve the city’s unique character — and he’s having the time of his life. By Jeff Clark.

Girls Gone Wild

By day, the Old Port is one of the most fashionable shopping districts in New England. But on Saturday night it turns into the state’s ultimate scene for the under-thirty crowd — and seeing is, gasp, believing. Photographs by Melonie Bennett.

So You Think You Know Portland?

Here’s a quick quiz to help you figure out whether you’re a real Portlander or merely a tourist in Maine’s largest metropolis.

Maine’s Best Newscast

An award-winning radio broadcast that thousands around the state tune into daily actually originates from a nondescript, out-of-the-way studio in Portland. By Michaela Cavallaro.


North by East: The Portland Identity

Opinions and advisories on what makes a Portlander, the question of whether the city really can boast the nation’s highest number of restaurants per capita, and the advisability of slapping a charge on artists who want to set up an easel on the street.

The Talk of Portland: Us vs. Them

While Portland is filled with Mainers, it’s often out of sync with the rest of the state — or ahead of it. By  Jeff Clark.

Inside Portland: Like Clockwork

A classic Old Port shop specializes in keeping time — with Swiss precision.Plus, tips on First Friday Art Walks in the Arts District, other urban trails thatwind all through the city, the sausage man’s booth at the Portland PublicMarket, and the new Hilton Garden Inn right in the Old Port overlooking thebay. By Andrew Vetze.

Dining Portland: Who Is Norm?

And why are his three restaurants — Norm’s East End Grill, Norm’s Bar & Grill, and Norm’s Downtown Lounge — the talk of Portland? By Michaela Cavallaro.

Down East Bookshelf: Hometown Hero

A new biography takes a fresh look at the most famous Portlander of all time. By Agnes Bushell.

Calendar of Events: Portland Highlights

The Forest City kicks off the New Year with plays, performances, and exhibits.

What’s in a Picture?: Forest City Flight

Back  in 1924 Portlanders knew how to have fun in midwinter, as this vintage photograph suggests. By Joshua F. Moore.

I Remember: Neighbors

Just a few years back, before a new ordinance was enforced, the West End cemetery was home to a community of dog walkers.