Down East January 2002

January 2002

The table of contents from the January 2002 issue of Down East.


The Professionals

Six gifted photographers have found their niches in Maine Image subjects: Five Islands, Georgetown in winter Worming near Wiscasset at dusk Harrington Little Leaguers sitting in dugout Cathedral Woods on Monhegan Island Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island Scholtz and Barclay house

  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

It Really Costs Less to Live in Maine

Two arguments on just what sort of bargain it is to live year-round in the Pine Tree State. See: It Actually Costs More to Live in Maine on page 45 of this issue. Image subjects: Money bags on seesaw

  • By: Jason Stone
  • Photography by: Trevor Paul Roberson

Manual Labor

Despite all the aches and money worries, despite the never-ending workweek, the farmer is likely to be convinced that no office job could match the satisfaction of farm life. Image subjects: farmer plowing field with horse and plow Location: Aroostic County

  • By: Ellen MacDonald Ward

Creating the Future of Medicine

Creating the Future of Medicine-that’s precisely what scientists are doing every day at the Jackson Laboratory on Mount Desert Island. No wonder they have been able to attract a sophisticated workforce from around the world. Image subjects: Otter Cliffs and Acadia National Park (coastline) Location: Mount Desert Island

  • By: Virginia Wright
  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Making a Living in Maine

We may not lead the nation in per capita income, but plenty of Mainers make good money, and there are some fields that look especially lucrative. Image subjects: faces of Maine people and their salaries series of 7 graphs pertaining to income, comparing salaries, etc. more faces of Maine people.

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Peggy McKenna

It Actually Costs More to Live in Maine

Argument that it costs more to live in Maine than in many other States.

  • By: Patrick Morris

Dream Jobs

For many Mainers, making a living involves more than just earning a paycheck. Here are ten cases in point. Image subjects: Snow covered hills and pine trees Stewart Guay, Chimney Pond Elaine Hendricksen, Presque Isle Barry King, Camden Dudley Zopp, Belfast

  • By: Andrew Vietze
  • Photography by: Chris Pinchbeck


Dress for Success

In Maine clothes don’t always make the moose. How to dress like a Mainer.


Perfect Fit

Mainers seem to value meaning over moola.


Return of the Bachelor Lobstermen

Another reality check: A goodly number of Maine lobstermen are women. Lobstermen of Maine calendar and the Lobstering Women of Maine calendar.


Comparision of Mail to Females in the Maine Workplace (1999)

List by county of the number of males versus females in the Maine workplace.


Licensed to Bill

List of some Maine occupations requiring a State License.


Sweet Parity

A whole range of new opportunities for Maine women. Image subjects: Child selling raspberries in front lawn

  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Commuting Time

Graph showing that those earning more, drive more.


Reality Check

We’re not all lobstermen, and all lobstermen aren’t poor. Location: Bar Harbor


Top 10 Highest Paid Industries in Maine

Chart of top 10 highest paid industries in Maine.


Maine’s Hottest Job Market

Registered nurses can find good positions virtually anywhere they choose to settle in the Pine Tree State. Image subjects: Caregiver with female patient in hospital bed

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Larry Mulvehill

Risking It All

Bill Roorbach risked it all when he gave up his tenured teaching job to return to Maine. Image subjects: Bill Roorbach and family Location: Farmington, Maine

  • By: Richard Grant
  • Photography by: Daryn Slover

Parallel Universes

In certain pockets of Maine, getting ahead is still less important than getting by. Image subjects: picking blueberries on hillside

  • By: Wayne Curtis
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton

Maine Job Hunting

These days you can track down some of the best positions in the state on the web.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Street Smarts

How is it that four of Portland’s top eating spots were started by Dana Street? Image subjects: Dana Street inside the Fore Street restaurant Location: Portland

  • By: Debra Spark
  • Photography by: Randy Ury