Down East January 2001

January 2001

The table of contents from the January 2001 issue of Down East.


No Place Like SoPo

While the art scene in Portland gets all the publicity, a surprising number of top Maine artists insist there’s no place like SoPo. Image subjects: Joseph Nicoletti in studio next to easel Brett Bigbee and family at swing under tree ceramicists at the Sawyer Street Studio Anne Haris and husband Paul

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem
  • Photography by: Jeffrey Stevensen

Ground Zero for Maine Shoppers

Although from the air it looks like it’s been leveled, the Maine Mall is the one spot in the state that virtually every Mainer visits. Ever wonder how this former pig farm transformed itself into the retail center of Maine? Image subjects: Maine Mall from the sky Location: South Portland

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Richard Sandifer


What the oil tanker sitting off Spring Point Marina indicates is just how healthy and busy the port of South Portland is today. Image subjects: Spring Point Marina and oil tanker Location: South Portland

  • Photography by: Randy Ury

It’s Really Two Cities

South Portland presents the motorist with challenges unmatched anywhere else in Maine. Image subjects: map of South Portland

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart
  • Photography by: Chris Van Dusen

The Other Side of Town

South Portland effectively hides its native Maine beauty from casual visitors, but locals know where to look. Image subjects: Portland Head Light Mill Creek Park Spring Point Ledge Light Willard Beach Location: South Portland

  • Photography by: Richard Sandifer

Maine’s Most Invisible City

Lots of people go to South Portland, but few of them actually know South Portland, the state’s fifth-largest city. Image subjects: beach and children playing on jungle gym on the sand. Location: South Portland

  • By: Silvio Calabi
  • Photography by: Richard Sandifer

Good Neighbors

Ask around and more than a few residents will tell you it’s the sense of community – not the mall, not the office parks – that makes life so comfortable in Maine’s most invisible city. Image subjects: Tim O’Neil standing of rocky shore Location: South Portland

  • Photography by: Richard Sandifer

The Jetport Effect

Modern airports spawn economic development, but in this case, which city is the winner? Image subjects: interior of airport (jetport) front of terminals at jetport plane taking off from jetport Location: South Portland, Portland

  • By: Patrick Morris
  • Photography by: Jeffrey Stevensen

Maine Goes to War

Almost overnight South Portland turned an old waterfront neighborhood into one of the largest shipyards in America. Location: South Portland



Daddy of the Mall

Who dreamed up the idea for revamping South Portland? Image subjects: chain links laid side by side. Location: South Portland

  • By: Ed Carroll
  • Photography by: Lisa Mossel Vietze

Elvis Slept Here

At the Sheraton actually, and he left his mark. Location: South Portland


Ghost of Eddie Griffin

A landmark downtown club is quieter now. Location: South Portland

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Shipyards and Streetcars

A venerable social studies teacher remembers it all. Location: South Portland


Bugaboo Follies

Mainers don’t swallow everything at franchise eateries. Location: South Portland


Portland vs. South Portland

For those who can’t tell Portland from South Portland, here are some distinguishing characteristics. Location: Portland, South Portland


Star Search

What’s in a name, a very glamorous name? Image subjects: star search – Elizabeth Taylor Lane sign surrounded by cartoon animals Location: South Portland

  • Photography by: Michael Ricci

A School That Delivers

By responding to community needs almost instantly, Southern Maine Technical College has prospered. Image subjects: Peter A. McKernan Hospitality Center Location: South Portland

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Nance Trueworthy

Saving Cumston Hall

More work than noted in article is needed to restore Monmouth’s Cumston Hall.

  • By: Kevin P. Doering

Thanking Mr. B

Remembering Mr. Bookataub from Freeport High School.

  • By: Sue Devine

Historic Harbor

The Portland Harbor Museum offers history inside and remarkable views outside. Location: South Portland

  • By: Andrew Vietze

The New Center

South Portland has civic mindedness. Location: South Portland

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Eating Well in SoPo

While Portland restaurants abound, locals know there are treats to be found across the bridge. Image subjects: Chef Randy Macomber at Joe’s Boathouse (inside restaurant) Location: South Portland

  • By: Paul Doiron
  • Photography by: Randy Ury