January 1994



What’s Happening in Portland?

Thrice bumed to the ground in its 362-year history, Portland has made some spectacular comebacks over the centuries. Once again the city is hard at it. With a proliferation of concerts, museum shows, restaurants, and nightspots, Forest City is rebuilding itself as the cultural hub of Maine.

The Trail Blazers

A brigade of young movers and shakers is hammering out a network of pathways that will tie Portland’s parks into an extraordinary greenway. By Jeff Clark.

The Word on the Street

Once Portland’s retail center, Congress Street in the eighties looked like it was down for the count in its bout with mall merchandising. Suddenly it’s reinventing itself as an avenue of the arts. By Margot McWilliams.

Portals of the Old Port

A kaleidoscopic view of Portland’s historic shopping district. Photographs by Jeffrey Stevensen.

Dream Team

They’re new in town and still gearing up, but the enthusiastic threesome now heading the Portland Museum of Art is poised to take the institution into what might well be its most exciting era. By Sarah Goodyear.


Photographer Tillman Crane‘s exquisite silver prints capture the vaulting ambition and Old World themes Portlanders once expressed in their architecture.

Local Color

At the heart of the city’s burgeoning arts scene is a lively community of visual artists. Four portraits suggest the range of talents. Photographs by Jeffrey Steyensen.

Portland After Dark

Restaurants, pubs, and other entertainments to seek out. once the sun goes down in Maine’s liveliest city.



Room  With a View

The true traveler, I think, finds his or her nose to be the best compass — it locates the lilac bushes, the driftwood burning in the fireplace, the rich odor of the earth that has just been plowed, the odor of coffee mingled with that of bacon when one awakens hungry the freshly mowed hayfield, the spicy scent of balsam in a Maine woods on a hot day in summer, the fresh, clean smell of the air after a summer thunderstorm has passed. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Portland

Striking Sparks


Cover: A solitary runner takes an early morning  jog along Baxter Boulevard on Portland’s Back Cove. Photograph by Randy Ury.