Down East January 1991

January 1991

The table of contents from the January 1991 issue of Down East.


Trending Into Maine — 1991 Annual — Maine Today

Over the past decade, nearly a quarter of a million new arrivals have moved into the state, constituting the largest population change in Maine history. In this special Annual issue, the editors of Down East examine the impact of this profound — and continuing — trend on the Maine way of life.

Who’s Moving In — and Why?

One in every five Mainers is a newcomer. Older, better educated, more affluent than the departing residents whom they replace, the new arrivals are instruments of change in their new communities. The town of Machias in Washington County is a case in point. By Jason Stone.

The Roaring Eighties

The long economic boom of the 1980s set in motion forces of social, political, and economic transformation that are relentlessly bringing about the “Americanization of Maine.” By Jeff Clark.

To Live in Splendor

Promises of what life can be when lived in the midst of prodigal natural beauty have long been a magnet drawing in settlers from away. Photographic essay.

Maine or Bust!

Settlers of all persuasions have been trending into Maine for three and a half centuries. A selection of firsthand accounts by half a dozen immigrants tells of the hardships and rewards of settling in.

A Bevy of Newcomers

As all new arrivals invariably learn, everyone finds his own Maine. A score of case histories shows the diversity of aspirations and satisfactions.

The Maine Edge: Innovation Loves Company

Businesses as well as people trend into Maine, for reasons that are roughly the same: environment, lifestyle, and people. A portfolio of recent manufacturing successes.


Down East Bookshelf

Trending Into Maine by Kenneth Roberts

Cover: Reflecting Sun, watercolor by Eric Hopkins, depicts the shimmering beauty of Penobscot Bay, pathway of many an immigrant trending into Maine. Eric Hopkins lives and paints on North Haven Island. His work is regularly shown at Gallery House on Route 1 in Nobleboro and at other galleries around the state.