Down East February 2002

February 2002

The table of contents from the February 2002 issue of Down East.


Wild, Wet, and Happy

For the Maine otter, winter is a season full of fun – and not only because it likes sliding in the snow and diving under the ice for fish. Image subjects: sea otter

  • By: John Cole
  • Photography by: Len Rue

Discovering the Real Camden

Without the hubbub of summer, this little midcoast town is as sweet as you can find for a midwinter getaway. Image subjects: Camden Harbor public landing at Camden harbor Cappy’s Chowder House Gleason’s Gallery Smiling Cow sign over storefront Skiers on top of Mount Battie sidewalk in Camden Location: Camden

  • By: Elizabeth Peavey
  • Photography by: Richard Procopio

Where in Maine?

Can you identify this wonderful old sanctuary? Image subjects: old Maine meetinghouse Location: Waldoboro Meetinghouse Cove

  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink

Aiming for Olympic Gold

Nothing less than first-place medals will suit the youngsters of Aroostook County who are growing up with a world-class biathlon training center in their midst. Image subjects: marksman students skiing marksman in prone position Location: Presque Isle, Fort Kent

  • By: Ken Textor
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton

The Bigs

Although the Biglow Mountain Range draws hikers all summer long, only a few attempt to trek the ridgeline in winter. Image subjects: Snowshoeing down peak Rob Tice surveys Bigelow Preserve from atop Avery Peak snow covered lean-to Tice in sleeping bag map of Bigelow Range trail Location: Biglow Mountain

  • By: Jonathan Van Fleet
  • Photography by: Daryn Slover

An Explosion of Color

When one of Maine’s most respected artists abruptly changes his whole style, it gets tongues wagging. Image subjects: Artist Mark Wethli standing infront of large mural. pannel of mural by Wethli pannel of mural by Wethli pannel of mural by Wethli pannel of mural by Wethli

  • By: Amy Sutherland
  • Photography by: Amazeen


Encompassing Book

Now you can learn how the compass was developed.

  • By: Ken Textor

Grandma’s Marina

No changes are planned here. Location: Penobscot

  • By: Ken Textor

Interstate Magic

How to lengthen I-95 without any new pavement.



The hazards of kite flying in Ogunquit. Location: Ogunquit


Making Sense of the Census

Despite that it was compiled two years ago, the 2000 Census information is being released in dribs and drabs. Here are some of the basic demographic details.


Sea Salt

Making a product as common as seasalt. Location: Bailey Island, Richmond


The Verdict on Term Limits

They certainly haven’t crippled the legislature, but they haven’t improved its efficiency either. Image subjects: State legislators in session in the House.

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Scott Perry

Touching Wedding

Thanks for the essay “A November Wedding”.

  • By: Deb Wold

More Maine Movies

Four movies that have action supposedly taking place in Maine, but none were actually filmed in Maine.

  • By: Dick Plummer

Family Matter

Family unhappy with comment about abusive mother in article about five boys who died in Brooks. Location: Brooks

  • By: E. L. Fossett

Maine as Movie Set

The Maine Film office convinced the producers of “In The Bedroom” that Maine was financially and artistically the best location for their film.

  • By: D. Lea Girardin

Saga of the Allagash

A new book traces the use of the famed waterway from native canoeists to modern Boy Scouts. Location: Allagash River, Chamberlain Farm

  • By: Thomas Urquhart

Briefly Noted

Books reviewed include: “Cut Shot” by John R. Corrigan, “Le Québécoise: The Virgin Forest” by Doris Provencher Faucher, and “Islands of Maine: Where America Really Began” by Bill Caldwell.

  • By: Paul Doiron

Tobacco Covenant

Maine has an unwritten covenant with it’s citizens to spend the tobacco settlement money on tobacco health and cessation programs.


Good Neighbors

That’s what towns all over Maine are calling the retirement living communities that have sprung up in their midst. Location: Falmouth, Kennebunk, Topsham

  • By: Jeff Clark

Maine’s Retirement Communities

Retirement facilities continue to grow in popularity in Maine – every year more are being opened or expanded. Here is a comprehensive list of them.


Custom Dogsledding

You can customize your dog sled trip around the Moosehead Lake region. Location: Moosehead Lake

  • By: Andrew Vietze

A Raise for the Governor

The governor get a pay raise.


Old Dogs, New Tricks

Maine retirees seem to have an insatiable interest in learning, the key reason for the state’s rapidly growing senior college system.

  • By: Jason Stone

Snow Story

Fewer people know about the cross country ski trails around Millinocket than know about the snowmobile trails. Image subjects: view of Mt. Katahdin Location: Millinocket

  • By: Andrew Vietze
  • Photography by: Richard Giguere

The Hospitals of Maine

Across the state, hospitals large and small offer up-to-the-minute medical care that is often enhanced with a personal touch.


For More Information

Chambers of commerce in every corner of the state have brochures, websites, and advice that can save you time and money.


Maine by the Numbers

Facts and figures can paint a clear picture of a place. Here’s a look at Maine’s counties – by the numbers.


Human Nature at Its Best

Don’t underestimate the power of volunteerism that’s still alive in our towns and villages. Image subjects: State’s Cornucopia Location: York

  • Photography by: Steve Meyers

Getting to Know ME

From Salty Villages to cosmopolitan cities, there are Maine communities to fit every lifestyle. Here is a list of Maine towns and communities by region with brief information about each.


MDI’s Other Laboratory

The scientific and educational collaboration now under way may reshape the Maine economy in the years ahead. Location: Mount Desert Island


Pepperclub, Portland

Neither it’s nondescript facade nor its vegetarian reputation hints at the exciting and excellent fare. Image subjects: Eddie Fitzpatrick and Mary Ledue Paine in Pepperclub restaurant Location: Portland

  • By: Michaela Cavallaro
  • Photography by: Randy Ury

February Highlights

Performances and festivals fill out the midwinter schedule.


Fishing in Fur

Who needs a thinsulate jacket when a fur coat will do? 1937 photo of Mr. Herbert Johnson and husband ice fishing. Location: Yarmouth

  • By: Ellen MacDonald Ward