February 1998



North By East

Opinions and musings on Cape Elizabeth’s wildlife, Cliff Island’s pluckiness, and Cindy Blodgett’s superstardom.

Tackling Katahdin

A group of seasoned trekkers found out why officials at Baxter State Park are so strict in deciding who can attempt to climb Maine’s tallest mountain in winter. By Andrew Vietze.

Dog Days in Fort Kent

One weekend every February the  lively little town up north goes to the dogs – and everyone has even more fun than usual. By Elizabeth Peavey.

The Spectator

Although he lived among the loggers and trappers of the North Woods, Carl Sprinchorn was an artist of the  first order, as the art world is only now coming to realize. By Edgar Allen Beem.

Tamest Bird in the Woods

If it weren’t so comical, the incorrigibly amiable Canada jay might be a nuisance. By Kristen Lindquist.

Haven in Winter

Quietude and community reign in Boothbay Harbor during the off-season. Photographs by Sara Gray.

Remember the ‘Maine’!

A historic photograph immortalizes the sole visit the ill-fated battleship made to her namesake state.



Room  With A View

I was told a few days ago that “Casco Bay” will probably be my new address, and I wonder whose moment of glory this vacuity represents. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of  Maine

Never on Sunday

The Maine  Viewpoint

Forest’s Future

Inside Maine

Ski Inn

Dining Down East

Roast Duckling in Raymond

Down East Bookshelf

The Forest for the Trees

Along the  Waterfront

Sabre’s New Length

I Remember

My Secret Escapade


Cover: Mount Katahdin, by Richard Giguere.