Down East February 1984

February 1984

The table of contents from the February 1984 issue of Down East.


Mr. Peabody’s Grand Design

There is more than meets the eye to Frances W. Peabody’s ten-year effort to restore a historic Portland villa. By William David Barry.

Will the Real Sam Tucker Please Stand Up?

War hero, legislator, privateer, a staunch Bremen commodore became the posthumous victim of a monumental blunder. By Nicholas Dean.

Making It In Maine

Four more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Coastal Patterns

Snow and ice leave fine tracings along Maine’s southern shore. Photographs by Robin Lovell.

‘King of Intimate Delights’

Winter is the season for fireside enjoyments. By Roy Barrette.

My Rumrunning Days Down East

In the Prohibition-era smuggling trade, speed of mind and hull was the name of the game aboard the Grey Ghost. By William Foster.


Room With A View

I think this unhealthy infatuation with computers is likely to get us all in trouble, and I’m waiting uneasily for The Great Breakdown. By Caskie Stinnett.

Down East Bookshelf

The Road to Nowhere by Elisabeth Ogilvie

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

Along the Waterfront

Three Windjammers on the Way

Outdoor Maine

Weather and Rule Reduce 1983 Deer Kill

I Remember

My Winter as an Icebound Movie Star

Cover: “Thaw” (18″ x 25″), color lithograph, by John Muench. The work of the sixty-nine-year-old Mr. Muench, a resident of Freeport for the last quarter century, is represented by Hobe Sound Galleries North, in Portland, and Associated American Artists, in New York City.