Down East February 1979

February 1979

The table of contents from the February 1979 issue of Down East.



From the earliest days of European settlement, the Maine forest has been the principal means of livelihood for Maine people. Today, the forest-products industry, led by paper making, accounts for $1.5 billion annually and provides jobs for 43,000 Mainers. Maine leads the nation in paper-making capacity, and wood, after 3.5 centuries, is still king in the Pine Tree State. By Davis Thomas.

Rebirth of a City

Ten years of hard work and the expenditure of many millions of dollars have brought about a civic renaissance in downtown Portland. An in-depth profile of Maine’s largest city today highlights the people and institutions behind the astonishing revitalization of what had become a decaying urban center. By John Lovell.

Environmental Award

Winner of Down East Magazine’s Environmental Award for 1979 is Charles Bradford of Manchester, for forty years a leader in the conservation and restoration of Maine’s matchless environmental heritage. By Gloria Hutchinson.

Environmental Watch

A resource-by-resource review of victories and defeats on Maine’s environmental front in the year just past. By Robert Deis.

Education Down East

Enrollments at the state’s private academies are soaring as parents seek a return to basics. Hebron Academy, 175 years old this spring, exemplifies this new trend. By Wayne Reilly.

Images of Maine

Photographic essay. Sixteen pages of color photographs portray the Pine Tree State in all seasons and varied moods, from the southern coast to the Great North Woods.

Vanishing Mainer

Is the native Down-easter becoming a truly endangered species? A semiserious assessment by Norwood P. Beveridge.

The State of the Arts

Time was, when culture in Maine came to an abrupt halt at summer’s end. No longer! Sparked by the Maine State Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the arts are alive and well in the State of Maine — all year round. By David E. Wellington.

Painters of Maine

For more than a century, the state has been a magnet for outstanding artists, a tradition that continues today. In pictures and text, a look at a cross section of contemporary Maine painters.

Whither Maine?

Four prominent Mainers speak out on their expectations for the future. Essays by John N. Cole, Halsey Smith, Senator Edmund S. Muskie, and Winthrop C. Libby.

The Year That Was

A review of the important — and not-so-important — events of  1978. By J. Malcolm Barter.

Lobster Fra Diavolo?

Foreign cuisine comes to Maine. A survey of the new “ethnic” restaurants. By Mimi E.B. Steadman.

Sportsman’s Paradise

Bounteous wildlife offers unrivaled sport for anglers and hunters down east. By Gene Letourneau. 

Maine’s Private Academies

A directory of independent, nonsectarian secondary schools.

Information Please

State, local and private agencies offer useful information on the Pine Tree State.

Cover: Neil Welliver.