December 1989


Home is the Hunter

For half a century Lew Dietz has ranged the Maine outdoors collecting lore for his books and articles and studying the many faces of the Maine character. By James P. Brown.

Winter Music

The way it was: life during the long season. Photographs by Kosti Ruohomaa.

Toys for Adults

Bryce  Muir’s whimsical wood creations fetch grown-up prices and allow him the occasional luxury of a little tomfoolery. By Beth Crichlow.

Wintering Well

Deep in the North Woods and five miles from the nearest plowed road, innkeepers Bert and Maggie McBurnie look forward to their thirty-second consecutive winter together at Chesuncook Lake. By Wayne Curtis.

Versailles in Maine?

In his Camden home, master craftsman Hany Smith recreated a room from the palace of Louis XV. By Elizabeth M. Houdlette.

Christmas Pines

The majestic white pine is Maine’s true Christmas tree. Color photographs by Joe Devenney.

Plum Pudding To the Rescue!

An old family recipe for a rich holiday cake has made all the difference for one small church in Dexter. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Tragic Homecoming

One hundred forty years ago this November, the Bath ship Hanover was dashed to pieces on the Kennebec shore dooming her crew in full sight of their  family and friends. By Robert Lloyd Webb.


Room  With a View

I care a great deal about animals, and I think their continued existence in the ravaged environment we have created is almost a miracle. By Caskie Stinnett.

The  Talk of  Brownville Junction

The ‘Atlantic’ Wins a Reprieve

The Maine  Viewpoint

Maine’s Drug of Choice

Letter from Upcountry

Bringing Home the Tree

Along the Waterfront

Scilly Gig

Down East Bookshelf

Maine’s Natural Heritage by Dean Bennett

Top of the  Month

Inside Bath

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Command Performance on Mount Desert

Cover: White pines at Christmastide, by Joe Devenney.