August 2012


My Life in Lincolnville

After two decades of life in this Camden Hills hamlet, a resident reflects on the town, the people, and the place she calls home. By Elizabeth Hand

The Love Bugs

The complicated mating rituals of Maine lobsters might make you turn red. Excerpted from The Maine Lobster Book, by Virginia M. Wright, Down East Books, Camden, Maine; hardcover; 114 pages; $14.95.

Q&A: The Lobster Expert

Virginia M. Wright chats with Diane Cowan, founder of the Lobster Conservancy.

The Commute

Going to work on the island of Islesboro is a complex game of hurry up and wait. By Virginia M. Wright

Shadows in the Woods

Do mountain lions inhabit Maine? It depends on who you ask. By Paul J. Fournier

A Wicked Sense of Humor

You might not know entrepreneur Anne Taintor, but you probably recognize her hilarious cards, magnets, and novelties. By Suzanne Rico


Earth at Hidden Pond

A visit to Earth is well worth the trip. By Michaela Cavallaro

What is Your Favorite Summer Memory?

Readers respond to our monthly “Your Maine” question.

Kids Behind Bars

Maine’s youth correctional system has gone from abysmal to awe-inspiring. By Jeff Clark

Where in Maine?

Can you identify this Maine lighthouse?

The Mail

Letters from our Readers.

Lighthouses for Sale

The federal government is looking for someone to assume ownership of three remote beacons in Maine.

What’s in a Picture?

The Great Portland Flood of 1893.

Herbie’s Legacy

Yarmouth’s most famous elm tree, Herbie, lives on after death.

Coining Acadia

Bass Harbor Light gets on the new Maine quarter.

Bicyclists Not Welcome

High ferry tariffs aim to discourage bicyclists from taking an island day trip.

Hollywood Haggis

A Bangor company sends this Scottish delicacy to a sunshine state soiree.

Stealth Bomber

A B-52 bomber seat goes undetected in the Maine North Woods for fifty years.

The Eyrie on Frenchman Bay

This coastal cottage is a cross between a bungalow and a pagoda. By Edgar Allen Beem

Nature’s Medicine Chest

Entrepreneur and scientist Edie Johnston is on a mission to make the common elderberry Maine’s next big cash crop. By Amy Sutherland

Odd Fellows All

Every August, the Sweet Chariot Music Festival turns Swan’s Island into a musical Brigadoon. By Will Bleakley

A Birder’s Handbook

Two naturalists pen a portable guide to Maine’s feathered favorites.

From Our Archives: August 1954

We look back at the first issue of Down East.

Editor’s Note

Summer in Maine is all about house guests. In the springtime Mainers begin receiving unexpected calls and emails from old college classmates and second cousins twice removed who are planning a trip to the Pine Tree State, and by the way, would we happen to have a spare room where they could spend the night? Being obliging sorts by nature, we dust off the porch, launder the linens, and shake the road sand out of the welcome mat. When you are entertaining company, you want your place to look good.

A Poetry Immersion

Wes McNair, Maine’s fourth poet laureate, is on a mission to place poetry back into everyday life. By Douglas Rooks

August Events Calendar

Go here. Do this. See that.

Cooking on the Coast

At Salt Water Farm in Lincolnville, Annemarie Ahearn teaches the important but often forgotten basics of cooking. By Will Bleakley

My Maine: Strike

A paper mill strike punctuates a father’s death in the childhood of a Mexico Maine girl. By Monica Wood