Down East August 2010

August 2010

The table of contents from the August 2010 issue of Down East.


Some Kind of Wonderful

Tinder Hearth Bakery in West Brooksville is rekindling community through food and music. By: Kim Ridley


A Touch of the Far East

Despite popular belief, a Japanese aesthetic can feel very much at home in a Maine garden — if you approach your planning with the right mindset. By: Richard Grant


What About Wiscasset?

One midcoast town has come to symbolize the future of tourism in Maine — will it be the gateway to economic revival or a roadblock to spreading prosperity? By: Virginia Wright. Photography by: Alan Lavallee


From NoHo to SoRo

Rockland-based fashion designer and shop owner Beth Bowley is bringing clothing manufacturing back to Maine. By: Kathleen Fleury. Photography by: Benjamin Magro


The Heart of Acadia

One hundred years ago John D. Rockefeller, Jr., made a fateful decision that would forever change Mount Desert Island and the history of Maine. By: Andrew Vietze. Photography by: Sue Anne Hodges


Sea Swept Style

Michael Fleming transforms the ocean’s leftovers into elegant furniture and sculptures. By: Virginia Wright


The Whale Watchers

For thirty years a group of dedicated scientists has turned a house in Lubec into a base of operations for monitoring some of the most endangered animals on earth — the North Atlantic right whales that gather each summer in the Bay of Fundy. By: Amy Sutherland. Photography by: Herb Swanson


The Little Red Lobster Shack

The line for lobster rolls at Red’s Eats is almost as famous as Wiscasset itself.



Where in Maine?

Ever cruised over to this Sporting Club for dinner? Photography by: Alan Lavallee


Back to the Sea

Linda Greenlaw’s new book returns to swordfishing with all its perils and personalities.


Letters to the Editor

Read what our readers have to say about Maine. Photography by: Alan Lavallee


A Quiet Apology

An ugly chapter in Maine history stumbles closer to closure. By: Colin Woodard


Fountain of Youth

This spring has seen many marketing ploys over the past 150 years. By: Joshua F. Moore


A Delicious Contradiction

Bangor’s newest hot spot offers classy comfort food without the fuss. Photography by: Amy Wilto


Cheesecakes Galore

This ain’t your momma’s plain cheesecake with strawberries!


Editor’s Note

It’s August, and the hills of Maine are alive with the sound of tourists. I know that description sounds facetious, but it’s not. Maine would not exist without our generous summer visitors. And any state that bills itself as “Vacationland” has already decided the limits of its discourse. By: Paul Doiron


Briefly Noted

It’s no surprise that several of Douglas “Woody” Woodsum’s poems have graced the pages of Down East over the years. What’s surprising is that his first book has been so long coming.


North by East

Standing firm for the Owl’s Head apostrophe, a “PhD” in animal husbandry, and more.


The Playhouse

Two girls summering at Moosehead Lake turn an abandoned shack into a magical memory.


The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across the state.


Gardening Guru

How does your garden grow?