August 2005


Letters to The Editor

Where in Maine? Your May “Where in Maine?” is Popham Beach; more specifically, the area at the mouth of Morse’s River (with Seguin Island in the background) in that section of the beach known as the south shore. I am one of the chosen few who had the unforgettable privilege and experience of spending

Reinventing Rockland

A decade after its artistic and commercial renaissance, the ?Lobster Capital of the World? is experiencing growing pains.

  • By: Virginia Wright

5,267 Feet of Rock

At age forty-five, I wanted to climb Mount Katahdin to prove to my older brothers I was no longer their baby sister. Guess what happened?

  • By: Elizabeth Peavey

A Passion for Perfect Tomatoes

?Tomato Lady? Amy LeBlanc, of Wilton, grows more than 300 varieties of organic tomatoes. She holds her plants to a high standard ? and her customers to an even higher one. Do you have what it takes to pass her test?

  • By: Sally Noble

The Moderate

Centrists are flexing their muscles in the U.S. Senate. But stopping the closing of military bases in Maine ? and the loss of 7,000 jobs ? might be the ultimate test of Senator Susan Collins? political clout.

  • By: Jeff Clark

High Anxiety

What kind of person risks life and limb, taking off from grassy airstrips and skimming treetops, all for a ?hundred-dollar hamburger?? Abby Zimet meets the barnstormers.

  • By: Abby Zimet

Where in Maine?

Wabanakis called this gorge ?place of the perpetual rainbow.? Have you ever rafted through this ravine?

Salon Prints

At Sarah Jeanne?s Family Hair Care in Lewiston, the pursuit of beauty takes many wild and wonderful forms, as photographer Melonie Bennett discovered.

  • By: Melonie Bennett

Living History

The new Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor does more than preserve the past of Maine?s Wabanaki Indians ? it celebrates their present.

  • By: Luther Young

The Maine Hippie Trail

Looking to recapture the psychedelic mood of the 1960s and ?70s? Here?s the trippy road trip for you.

The Buying Game

Yes, you can afford great Maine art on a less-than-great budget. Just ask the Gleasons.

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem

On the Beach

A new house on the dunes of Biddeford Pool captures the bright and breezy style of summer in Maine.

  • By: Rebecca Martin Evarts


Tent Cities

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

Out of Service

Maine towns want tourists, so why won?t they provide the restrooms they need?

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

Everyday Gothic

Like the best of Hitchcock, Monica Wood?s new novel is an intimate shocker.

  • By: Richard Grant

A Taste of Germany

The makers of Morse?s sauerkraut have opened a market and caf? for schnitzel fans in Waldoboro.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Base Closure Realities

Maine should fight hard to keep its military bases but also plan for life without them.

M*A*S*H Note

How a meatball surgeon, back from Korea, helped me out of a jam in Waterville.

  • By: Anthony Betts

Chebeague Island Inn

The restaurant in this grand summer hotel is well worth the voyage.

  • By: michael sanders

August Highlights

Fairs, festivals, plays, and concerts pack Maine?s summer schedule.

Wrestling with the Babe

Don’t even think about taking a swipe at the Sultan of Swat. That’s the message home-run-king-turned referee George Herman “Babe” Ruth, at right, is sending to professional wrestler Manuel Cortez in this remarkable photograph taken during a match at the Portland Expo back in 1945. According to an account

  • By: Joshua F. Moore