Down East August 1999

August 1999

The table of contents from the August 1999 issue of Down East.


Summer Blockbusters

The biggest shows of the season at Rockland and Portland couldn’t be more different. Location: Portland & Rockland


Where’s Cabot Cove?

You won’t find the hometown of TV sleuth Jessica Fletcher on any map of Maine except this one. A Down East guide to fictional landmarks. Image subjects: comic map of Maine showing Cabot Cove Location: Cabot Cove


Water Gardens of Wishing Well Farm

A lifelong fascination with water lilies is just on of the reasons a Smithfield man has built seven ponds in his backyard. Image subjects: waterlily pond with flowering water lilies Warren Balgooyen pond, wood bridge water lilies in pond Location: Smithfield


Wilderness Paramedic

Taking care of emergencies in the wild is a whole different ball game from everyday first aid. Image subjects: wilderness first aid students and instructor Jon Tierney Jon Tierney in classroom setting


Cruising for Moose

If you ask my niece and nephew what they liked most about their first visit to Maine, I’m sure they’ll tell you about the evening we all went moosing.


Where in Maine?

One of the most unlikely roadside attractions in Maine is not far from Portland. Image subjects: Desert of Maine Location: Freeport


The Lost Village of Flagstaff

Fifty years after the creation of Flagstaff Lake, few remember the little North Woods town it flooded – or the mind-set that allowed it to happen. Image subjects: Flagstaff lake today town of Flagstaff before it was flooded by the power lake. map of area around Flagstaff Lake clear cutting and excavation


Waves of Excitement

Rainy days can be the most memorable days of a Maine vacation if you only know where to go and what to do. Here are a slew of ideas for wet-weather fun. Image subjects: stormy sea Pretty Marsh with storm clouds storm surf


Exploring Somes Sound

Little wonder that yachtsmen are drawn here. From any vantage point, Maine’s only bona fide fjord is a spectacle. Image subjects: aerial view of Somes Sound view of yacht in Somes Sound. shoreline, houses and sailboat yacht cruising on Sound aerial view of summer house along Somes Sound Location: Somes


Picture Perfect

For the architect who designed this Rockport home, the artworks that would be arranged throughout the house were as important as the priceless water views the place would command. Image subjects: front hall and staircase of Rockport Harbor house Rockport Harbor house dining room Architect John Gillespie


South Solon’s Biggest Surprise

Nothing about the outside of the lowly, local meetinghouse even hints at what’s inside. Image subjects: South Solon Meetinghouse frescoes inside the South Solon Meetinghouse frescoes inside the South Solon Meetinghouse frescoes inside the South Solon Meetinghouse Location: South Solon



Around the World Again?

The Smith’s plan another sailing trip around the world.

Castine Warship

Replica of the Continental Navy’s sloop ‘Providence’ to visit Castine.


Doggie Duds

Judith Bolduc’s business produces a full line of doggie duds or canine clothing. Image subjects: animals selecting cloths from closet


Model Scenes

Klir Beck’s dioramas, once thought to be just part of the decor of the state house, are now recognized and appreciated as art.


Cunner Club

The oldest social club in Maine may also be the oldest in the Country.


Dismantling Maine Yankee

As the nuclear power plant comes down, no one is gloating at its early demise. Image subjects: Containment structure at Maine Yankee nuclear power plant Location: Wiscasset


Lobster Shacks

Summer isn’t complete without eating a lobster in the rough. There are dozens of lobster shacks along the coast. Here are a few. Image subjects: Trenton lobster pound


Ice Cream Deluxe

There is a rumor going around that Maine has the highest ice cream consumption per capita. If it isn’t true, it should be. Here is a list of ice cream parlors. Image subjects: Miss Plums ice cream parlor


Essential Maine Cookbooks

For those wanting to cook Maine-style, here is a list of Maine cook books.


Fresh From the Farm

Nothing’s better than getting fresh vegetables. Maine is full of farmers’ markets, but you need to know when and where.



Maine’s museums run the gamut. Here is a list of some of them.


The First Wyeth

The new biography of N.C. Wyeth is a great read even though Maine is largely missing.


Some good Eatin’

Lobster, fresh corn, and ice cream – these are the stuff of a Maine summer. Here are some tips on dining Down East.


Public Gardens

By August, most of the garden tours have taken place, but there are still plenty of public gardens open for perusal.


People Watching

One of the real pleasures of summertime, after being cooped up all winter, is to get out among the general public. Here is a list of ten of the best sport in Maine to observe the crowds.


Briefly Noted

Books reviewed here include: The reissue of “Oliver Wiswell” and “Captain Caution” by Kenneth Roberts; “E.B. White: The Emergence of an Essayist” by Robert L. Root, Jr. and “Lost Woods: The Discovery Writing of Rachel Carson” by Linda Lear.

Maine Art Trail

Seven art museums have banded together to create the Maine Art Trail.


Essential Maine Books

Here is a list of Maine books for your summertime reading.


North Woods Opportunity

Maine Sunday Telegram: More than 16 percent of the state has changed hands in only seven months. Location: Chesuncook Lake


Five-Mile Wilderness

Special five-mile section of the Appalachian Trail. Location: Barren Mountain & Monson & Slugundy Falls


Stink in Farmington

Sun Journal: As the cityscape spreads to the rural areas, non-farmers need to get used to the odor of manure. Location: Farmington


No Place Like Home

Journal Tribune: Moving away from Maine gives one a better appreciation of the slogan “the way life should be


Got a Light?

The Maine Maritime Museum offers a cruise that showcases fifteen lighthouses. Location: Bath


Climbing the Beehive

My wife and I thought conquering this little eminence at Acadia would be a walk in the Park. Location: Mount Desert, Acadia National Park


Robinhood Free Meetinghouse

At this Georgetown church-turned-restaurant, people come to worship the flavors. Image subjects: Chef Michael Gagné in dining room of the Robinhood Free Meetinghouse Location: Georgetown


August Highlights

Fairs and festivals of all kinds provide the fun in Maine this month. Image subjects: Penobscot Theatre Company on stage.


Portland and the Prince

Photo of Prince Albert Edward in carriage during a visit to Portland in 1860. Location: Portland