August 1994



North Haven

Sailing by the ancient saltwater farms on this Penobscot Bay island, one would have no idea that they are owned by some of the nation’s most prominent families. Only the views might tip you off. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Brook Trout, Bears, and Bonhomie

Staying at  Tim Pond Wilderness Camps is like going to a family reunion in the woods — maybe better. By Sarah Goodyear.

Trolley Mania

At Kennebunkport’s Seashore Trolley Museum, refugees of the computer age are discovering the irresistible charms of the unabashedly low-tech streetcar. By Jeff Clark.

In the Heart of Rachel Carson Country

Amid a former nature sanctuary at the tip of Southport Island, Peter and Heidi Larsen have refurbished a landmark inn. By James P. Brown.

Strawberry Pies Forever

The man who invented the most famous pastry in Machias has finally retired, but his pie goes on.

Raking the Barrens

A backbreaking, century-old family tradition continues on Simmons Mountain in Hope. Photographs by Benjamin Magro.

Two Geniuses and a Paintbrush

When America’s greatest realist came to Maine to paint America’s greatest physicist, the gifted duo ended up flying kites and riding bikes. By Stephen May.

Beach Babies

No one knows how to enjoy sand, sea, and sun quite the way little kids do. Photographs by Tonee Harbert.

An Inspired Backyard

Turning an empty intown yard into a sanctuary  of serenity calls for imagination, know-how, and powerful inspiration. By Jane Lamb.

Master Modelsmith

Rob Eddy spends thousands of hours tuming million dollar yachts into marvelous miniatures.

Our Famous Blueberry Scam

The way we earned spending money back in the fifties was almost larcenous. A reminiscence by Deborah Dalfonso.

What’s in a Picture?

Taking the waters at Poland Spring was a perfectly elegant way to restore one’s health. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With a View

Politics is too crowded and hemmed in these days to make much sense and it’s easy to lose sight of what should lie at the end of the road — good government. By Caskie Stinnett.

The  Talk of Swan’s Island

A Real Island Wedding

The Maine Viewpoint

Saving Fort Knox

Inside Maine

Garden of Delights

Down East Bookshelf

The Enchanted by Elizabeth Coatsworth

Along the Waterfront

On to Monhegan

Outdoor Maine

Beating the Bugs

Dining Dovm East

Log Cabin Restaurant, Bailey Island

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Sundays in Boothbay


Cover: Porch at North Haven. Photograph by Brian Vanden Brink.