Down East August 1991

August 1991

The table of contents from the August 1991 issue of Down East.


North to Labrador

Braving icebergs, the schooner Bowdoin sailed 2,800 miles last summer along the route charted by Admiral Donald MacMillan on his twenty-six Arctic trips. By James P. Brown. Photographs by Tom Stewart.

The Irascible Mr. Roberts

Kennebunkport’s best-selling novelist Kenneth Roberts was a card-carrying curmudgeon — and proud of it. By Jack Bales.

Living the Good Life on Cape Rosier

On a farmstead once owned by Scott and Helen Nearing, an energetic couple pursues their own vision of a sane and simple life. Photographs by Lynn Karlin.

Safe Haven

Bar Harbor residents still talk about the morning in 1914 when the town awoke to find a treasure-laden German luxury liner anchored just offshore. By Nan Lincoln.

My Last Hurrah

A farewell to Thursday-night softball on Kezar Lake: The spirit was willing but the flesh grounded out. By David E. Morine.

Dog Days in the Rangeleys

Celebrated for his zany portraits of his dogs, photographer William Wegman summers with his models in a rustic lakeside cottage. By Beth Crichlow.

Queen of Prouts Neck

One of Maine’s grandest summer hotels, the Black Point Inn adheres to the standards — and comforts — of an earlier day. By Deborah Dalfonso.

The Road to Pemaquid Light

A visit to the famous lighthouse can be one of the most rewarding excursions in Maine. Best advice: take it slow. By Michael Uhl.


Room With A View

I can’t say I’ve never seen a moose I didn’t like because I haven’t seen enough to make a sensible judgment. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Maine

Turnpike Tug of War

Down East Bookshelf

Billy Watson’s Croker Sack by Franklin Burroughs

The Maine Viewpoint

A New Maine Flag?

Along the Waterfront

Hi-Tech Gentleman’s Yacht

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

The Bremen Boatbuilder

Cover: Riding the seas in a small inflatable boat, photographer Tom Stewart captured this once-in-a-lifetime portrait of the restored Arctic schooner Bowdoin emerging from behind a monumental iceberg off the coast of Labrador last summer while the vessel was on a Maine Maritime Academy expedition.