August 1990



Twilight of the Wilderness

Maine’s northem wildemess is under siege by loggers and real estate developers, and a few public-spirited landowners and conservation groups are moving to protect what they can. A report from the endangered North Woods. By Davis Thomas.

One Man’s Preserve

Joe Sewall carries on a family tradition in preserving a magnificent splinter of Maine’s forest heritage. By John N. Cole.


Photographer Tonee Harbert takes an offbeat look at the excitement surrounding the summer White House.

Summering with the Peabodys

How to make an acceptable cream sauce was only one of the things a Bangor college student learned at her summer job in Northeast Harbor. By Deborah Dalfonso.

Carving out a Garden

In Ann Carroll’s inriguing South Freeport garden, sculptures punctuate the plantings. By Jane Lamb.

Fox lslands Thorofare

For nearly four centuries the deepwater passage between North Haven and Vinalhaven islands has been the most colorful maritime highway along the coast. By EllenMac Donald Ward. Photographs by Benjamin Magro.

The Mistress of ABCDef

A fixture in Camden for nearly a quarter century, Lillian Berliawsky runs one of New England’s most beguiling bookstores. By Wayne Curtis.

Remembering the “Maine”

On August 6, 1899, when hundreds gathered at Mount Desert Ferry to commemorate victory in the Spanish-American War, triumph turned to tragedy in an instant of splintering timbers, panic, and icy waters. By Nan Lincoln.

A Flight Fantastic

A Maine-made replica of a 1913 German observation plane looks like a bat, cost like the devil, and flies like a dream. By James P. Brown.

He Covers the Waterfront

Jon Johansen, of Bangor, travels more than 6,000 miles a month to chronicle Maine boating news.



Room With A View

Difficult isn’t really the right word to use in discussing the relationship between a man and his dog because the dog can’t speak for itself and we end up with only one side of the debate. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Eastport

Ibsen in Eastport

The Maine Viewpoint

Running on Empties

Outdoor Maine

What’s My Line?

Down East Bookshelf

Selections and Transformations: The Art of John Marin

Along the Waterfront

Handicapping Monhegan

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Uncle Dave’s Last Cruise


Cover: Ferry North Haven exits the Fox Islands Thorofare. Photograph by Benjamin Magro.