April 1994



Leaders in the Field

When it comes to exploring — and explaining — the natural world of Maine, no organization can match the 150-year record of the Maine Audubon Society. By Jeff Clark.

Blissing-Out Among the Pines

A midwinter weekend at Maine’s premier health spa puts an inveterate skeptic in touch with his doshas and, leaves him tingling. By Edgar Allen Beem.

Toying with Sunlight

That’s artist Elizabeth Busch’s latest experiment, and the monumental results are dazzling. By Jeff Shula.

First Taste of Spring

For Mainers in the know, the season’s flrst fiddlehead greens are a delicacy beyond compare. By Susan Hermann Loomis.

Home Afloat

Winter aboard a boat in Portland Harbor can be just as cozy as in a cabin ashore. At least, that’s what a few year-round boaters claim. By Ken Textor.

Making It in Maine

Three more Down East success stories — from Bethel, New Gloucester, and Brooksville.

Little Masterpieces

The classic salmon flies that Dorothy Douglass started tying as a hobby have turned her into a celebrity among fly casters. By Sarah Goodyear.

Mr. Fall’s Machine

Well before the atom was split, perpetual motion was the dream of backyard inventors throughout America — including one earnest gent in Lebanon. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With a View

The  emotional economy of all islanders does not  fit snugly into a single airtight compartmcnt by any means, and I am sure that all kinds  of people can be found on islands just as they are on farms or mountains or in cities. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Saco

Stopping by the Way-Way

The Maine Viewpoint

Cutting the Right Taxes

Down East Bookshelf

Revolution Downeast by James S. Leamon

Along the Waterfront

Signs of Recovery

Outdoor Maine

Lion in Winter

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Buzzing Brunswick

Cover: April in Hope. Photograph by Kevin Shields.