Down East April 1987

April 1987

The table of contents from the April 1987 issue of Down East.


Flash: Newspaper War Hits Betfast!

One of the smallest cities in Maine is the only municipality in the state — and perhaps in New England —supporting two fiercely competitive newspapers. By Jeff Clark.

In the Footsteps of Thoreau

An Englishman with an easel and watercolors traces the North Woods itineraries of the Walden Pond naturalist. Paintings and text by Tony Foster.

The Four Seasons, according to Gould

The summer folks miss out on it, but the year down east actually begins with mud season and ends in wintery contentment by the woodstove. By John Gould.

Keeping at It

Firmly rooted in a place called The Kingdom, the legendary Marni Sewell has nurtured Maine arts — and artists — for more than half a century. By Cynthia Bourgeault.

Lo, the Crow

Savant, predator, thief, the common crow is the brainiest of birds. By Joseph L. Arnette.

Apology for a Break-in

Sometimes smashing a window to get into a stranger’s summer cottage is a matter of  life or death. By Sally Cartwright.

Springtime in Kennebunkport

In the quiet weeks before Memorial Day, signs of the season — from forsythia to fresh paint— animate the popular resort village. Color photographs by Joe Devenney.

Cohen’s the Name, Baking’s the Game

At the Bangor Rye Bread Bakery, don’t ask Reuben Cohen about his son Billy. Ask him first about his Jewish rye. By Peter H. Spectre.


Room With A View

Maine people in a queue, whether at a bank window, the post office, or any place where it is necessary to stand in line, are remarkably patient until they reach the window and then they move in, get comfortable, and prepare to stay awhile. By Caskie Stinnett.


For the Record

Canadian Power Coming to Maine

The Maine Viewpoint

A Lobster on Every Plate

Outdoor Maine

Which Lakes Should be Developed?

Boating Down East

Mainers Key to America’s Cup Victory

Down East Bookshelf

Railroad Books

Calendar of Events

April Highlights

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Lubec’s First Bar Mitzvah

Cover: Mount Katahdin and Upper Togue Pond, watercolor by Tony Foster, courtesy Francesca Anderson Gallery, Boston.