Brant & Cochran metalsmith Gabriel McNeill shapes an ax head for the company’s new line.
Bit by bit, South Portland’s Brant & Cochran is bringing back the Maine ax.
Bold Coast Burns, Made in Maine
He uses his passion for marine life in the Gulf of Maine to create stunning works of art.
Portland Barrel Company
Portland Barrel Company’s Ed Lutjens is New England’s only cask maker — and he’s anxious to roll out more barrels.
Stop by our Good Things from Maine pop-up market, a small shop of Maine-made goods, located at our offices in Rockport, Maine.
Big Al aka Al Cohen
You’ve seen the ads. You’ve seen the suspenders. Now get to know the discount king of Route 1.
Paul Lancisi holding a bat
A baseball-bat manufacturer in Shirley Mills gets his call-up to the big leagues.
People working on large clay urn
A Sullivan studio’s mammoth all-weather garden containers are popping up in gardens across the country.
Planks for the Ride
In a tiny workshop in Gray, a group of downhill diehards turns local lumber into handcrafted skis with a timeless look.
In the woods outside Farmington, a martial-arts champ built a hobby into a lifestyle into a factory.
Work with Purpose
A Saco woodshop builds iconic Maine furniture — and better lives for employees with disabilities.