5 Mouthwatering Lobster Rolls (With No Waiting in Line)


From our 2016 Maine Vacation Guide!

By Caroline Praderio

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Bayley’s Lobster Pound

Bayley’s uses 10-inch (ungrilled) rolls for a lobster roll that’s twice as big as some competitors’ — and there’s rarely a crowd at the picnic tables overlooking Scarborough Marsh. 9 Avenue 6, Scarborough. 207-883-4571.

Greet’s Eats

The lobster comes off a boat just steps away, at the Vinalhaven dock. The dressing (two parts mayo, one part Miracle Whip, seasoned with pepper) is light and perfect. The meat’s sweet and the island setting unbeatable. West Main St., Vinalhaven. 207-863-2057.

High Roller Lobster Co.

If you’re going to break from tradition (lobster rolls with bacon?! with avocado?!), do it with one of the most delicious rolls money can buy, served on warm brioche. Check ahead at facebook.com/thehighrollerme for the roving cart’s location.

Old Port Sea Grill & Raw Bar

For those who prefer AC to ocean air, this Old Part spot has one of the state’s best lobster rolls, served on a toasted sub roll with herbed mayo and house-cut fries. 93 Commercial St., Portland. 207-879-6100.

Quoddy Bay Lobster

Worth the long journey to Eastport, Quoddy Bay serves its roll in three sizes, each one garnished with a big ol’ claw. 7 Sea St., Eastport. 207-853-6640.

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