Camden Real Estate Company, How to Find Your Perfect Maine Home

How to Find Your Perfect Maine Home

For more than 25 years, Camden Real Estate Company has been guiding people to find the perfect place to retire on the coast of Maine.


Why do so many visitors to the midcoast end up becoming seasonal homeowners or year-round residents? In a phrase, says Camden Real Estate Company owner Scott Horty, it’s the quality of life: the spectacular shoreline, the swells of the Camden Hills, the outsize dining and arts scenes in the small, welcoming towns of Camden, Rockland, Belfast, and their surrounding communities.

“Maine as a place to live — and as a lifestyle — has been a dream for many people,” Horty says. “Once they move here, people find that the reality of living here is even more engaging than they could have dreamed.”

Here, Horty offers insight to help a would-be-Mainer find just the right place to retire on the midcoast.

Think fit.  Ask yourself some key questions about the type of setting that feels like the right fit, Horty recommends. Do you want to live in a small city, like Rockland or Belfast? Or a rural village, like Hope or Union? On the water, or among the inland woods and hills? Visiting an area at different times of year — or renting for a prolonged stay — can help answer these questions.

Consider the lifestyle. Think about what services and amenities you’ll regularly want and need, Horty says. The region offers top-notch health care options for both traditional and alternative modes of care. How close to a provider do you want to be? Think too about the kind of culture you want to be a part of, Horty says. The midcoast is a hub for artisanal distilleries, wineries, bakeries, and makers of artisanal foods, as well as nationally renowned chefs who have consistently earned kudos from tastemakers like Bon Appetit.  Locals keep busy in all seasons with events like the Camden Conference, the Camden International Film Festival, the Windjammer Festival, and the U.S. National Toboggan Championships. Outdoors buffs appreciate proximity to both the mountains and the sea — and with it, plenty of opportunities for hiking, skiing, boating, cycling, fishing, golf, and more.

Talk to local pros. Seek advice from a local real estate broker, who can shed light on the area’s different communities and off-the-beaten path sites and amenities. The Camden Real Estate team includes members who grew up on the midcoast, others who’ve lived here for years, and some who left and were enticed back by the pleasures of the Maine lifestyle. They have a good perspective on what it’s like to be a local. “Our combined knowledge of everything in our area runs deep,” Horty says.

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