Maine News You May Have Missed

Local police pull a prank, Mainers populate outer space, and more.


After a spate of rabid fox attacks, the town tried to stem the spread of rabies by trapping and euthanizing susceptible species, capturing 31 animals, mostly raccoons and skunks. However, three animals were spared and, because they were cats, returned to their owners.


A marine archaeologist used tree-ring dating to conclude that a skeletal wooden hull at York Beach, usually buried but sometimes uncovered by storms, is the 1769 wreck of the Defiance, a sloop built in Massachusetts in 1754.


After more than 22 years on the Maine Supreme Court, 18 of them as chief justice, Leigh Saufley resigned from the bench and took over as dean of the University of Maine School, of Law her alma mater.


For nine days, two of the six humans in outer space were from Maine. Before returning to Earth, Caribou native Jessica Meir was joined on the International Space Station by York native Chris Cassidy, who will stay until October. 


In the town that hosts an annual festival celebrating Moxie, Maine’s official state soft drink, police pranked residents with a photoshopped Facebook pic of a local cruiser painted Moxie-can orange, with the iconic Moxie Man image by the back right tire.


Chainsaw artist Josh Landry carved shelves, books, and animal figures into a dead ash tree’s 15-foot-tall trunk in front of Stephen and Tabitha King’s home. The literary couple is converting their Bangor property into an archive, writers’ retreat, and nonprofit offices.