Mr. Lighthouse

Some of Bob Trapani’s favorite photos he’s taken while visiting and working on Maine lighthouses

A high storm tide brings water up and over the Rockland Breakwater.

Extreme cold, wind and waves create an icy buildup on the Rockland Breakwater.

A harbor seal chills out on a rock

A piece of driftwood is coated in ice during a winter storm near the lighthouse on the Rockland Breakwater.

The light of sunrise glances off large snowdrifts near the Rockland Breakwater.

The photographer captures the view from the deck of a sailboat passing the Breakwater Lighthouse.

A starfish moves over a bed of snail shells at low tide.

A vibrant sunrise fills the sky above the Breakwater Lighthouse and Owls Head.

Extreme cold causes sea smoke above the ocean at sunrise.

Ripples in the water create a surrealistic reflection of the Breakwater Lighthouse.

A large American Flag trailing a passing schooner frames a group of spectators atop the Breakwater Lighthouse.

A huge ocean liner passes the Breakwater Lighthouse.

Sea Smoke envelops the Breakwater Lighthouse on a cold winter morning.

A vortex of sea smoke passes the Breakwater Lighthouse.

A group of sandpipers hangs out in the rockweed.

A sea urchin and starfish seem to hold hands underwater.

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