Will Grunewald

Will Grunewald

Will Grunewald is a senior editor at Down East magazine.

Maine beer and wine experts, Scott Tyree, Jack van Paepeghem

Taste Buds

Maine’s highest-credentialed beer nerd and foremost wine enthusiast aren’t so different after all.

Knight Moves

Knight Moves

A New York playwright’s reimagining of Arthurian legend premieres at a Deer Isle jelly maker’s sculpture garden.

wicked maine pops

Pops Art

Keeping cool with Abby Freethy’s delicious Wicked Maine Pops.

Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound

Every Lobster Must Get Stoned

Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound owner, Charlotte Gill, has been experimenting with ways to help her crustaceans feel no pain. Her favorite method? Getting them high.