May 1996



North by East

Opinions and advisories on talking turkey, Sanford’s parks, and notably happy college students.

Inside the Governor’s Mansion

With its $650,000 face-lift, the Blaine House has never looked better. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Behold the Bluet

Splashed across a meadow, these tiny wildflowers can be mistaken for a late dusting of snow. But a single blossom can enchant. An essay by Richard Grant.

Maine’s $35 Million Bargain

Mount Kineo is only one of dozens of inspired purchases the Land from Maine’s Future Board has made with money voters approved nine years ago. By Jeff Clark.

Honest North Woods Cooking

Since it opened three years ago, the upcountry dining room at Pittston Farm has become something of a legend. Intrepid reporter Elizabeth Peavey set out from Portland to leam why.

Where in Maine?

This historic blockhouse is on an island that most Mainers don’t realize is an island. Recognize it?

Why Do Peepers Peep?

It’s not just the return of warm weather that has these melodious  little fellows singing. Andrew Vietze explains what the music is all about.

A WaIk in the Park

To the strollers, bikers, and picnickers who every day converge on its peaceful landscape, Bangor’s Mount Hope amply fulfills its original purpose. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Making It In Maine

A trio of Pine Tree State entrepreneurs has found that the secret of success is simply sowing the right seeds.

Professor Sam

A curiously distinguished portrait honors a much-loved Waterville celebrity at the turn of the century. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room  With A View

Halley’s Comet will return, without fail, in 2062 and you can count just as accurately that the Maine plumber who promised to start work last Friday will arrive around that same date. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Manchester

Horsing Around

The Maine Viewpoint

Sears Island Requiem

Inside Maine

Spring Alfresco

Down East Bookshelf

A Lantern in the Wind, The Life of Mary Ellen Chase by Elienne Squire

I Remember

One River Too Soon


Cover: Friendship harbor, by Sara Gray.

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