May 1968


Letters to the Editor

Division at the Bridge

By Harry A. Packard.

Room With a View

North by East

A Maine Quarry’s Fabulous Feat

By Isabel Currier.

The Second Palmer Fleet

By Loren E. Haskell.

Boothbay’s Railway Museum

By Bud Yallalee.

Thunder on Middle Street

By A.E. McInnis.


A portfolio of color photographs.

Peat Moss From a 10,000-Year-Old Maine Bog

Photographs by Jeremy Dickson.

It Happened Down East

The Down East Enterprise

Down East Bookshelf

Outdoor Maine

By Gene Letourneau.


By Doc Rockwell.


Cover: “View of Portsmouth in the Piscataqua River,” a section of a print from The Atlantic Neptune (Series III), reproduced with permission of Barre Publishers, Barre, Massachusetts.

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