March 2009


An Island Romance (Maine)

Imagine everything being in place. I don’t mean only the pins in the drawers Though I mean that too but I mean Your feelings — not squashed or pruned — But right in place and everything around You in place, too. That’s what An island is, that kind of chance. I know you can say By: Stephen Bodio and Baron Wormser

A Maine Education: Illustrious Instructors

Some very famous people have taught at Maine academies and colleges. Here are some notables, arranged chronologically.

Talking Points

A conversation from the Maine Literary Festival.

A Maine Education: Starter Schools

Maine’s new community colleges have filled an unseen void in the state’s educational system – and succeeded wildly as a result. By: Jeff Clark

Green by Design

Keeping your home’s energy demands low shouldn’t require sacrifice. In fact, you might even find yourself saving money while you do right by the environment. By: Virginia Wright

A Maine Education: Beyond Field Trips

Maine’s expeditionary learning schools have become a model for educational programs nationwide. By: Joshua F. Moore

Good Lives

A selected history of sustainability in Maine. By: Joshua F. Moore

Outstanding in his Field

A Scarborough man who turned his lawn into a vegetable garden thinks he can persuade Barack Obama to do the same at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. By: Michaela Cavallaro

Growing Minds

A middle school in Belfast uses its garden to teach a lot more than agriculture. By: Kathleen Fleury


Musings from Maine

Down East editors discuss burying Maine’s power lines, a dairy’s solar sense, and more.

Letters to the Editor

Best of the Best We always look forward to the arrival of each issue of Down East and thoroughly enjoy reading every one of them, but your January “Best of Maine” issue was just awesome! I was particularly thrilled to see the picture of Caskie Stinnett on the Contributors page and quickly

March Editors’ Picks

Maine March events.

The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across the state.

Baxter and Buzz

Buzz Caverly, Percival Baxter, and Baxter State Park. By: C.D. Clarke and Roberta Scruggs

Redemption Wear

A former L.L. Bean shoplifter confesses his sins. By: Peter Zinn

Can you identify this southern Maine showplace?

Where in Maine is this stately Federal? Photography by: Sue Anne Hodges

On Going Green

The Editor in Chief reflects on his own brother’s green thumb and that of the state at large. By: Paul Doiron

A Party of Their Own

Twenty-five years ago, when the Maine Green Party was founded as the first Green political organization in the country, its often-chaotic meetings earned it a reputation as “a prime example of creative dysfunction,” as one exasperated participant said at the time. Ben Chipman, of Portland, laughs out loud at the anecdote. In recent years he has worked on or managed the campaigns of sixteen Green Party candidates and won ten of them. Portland’s Green Independent Party (as it’s now known) currently has three members on the city council, two on the school committee, and two more on the Portland Water District Board. The first Green elected to state-level office in the United States was John Eder, who served two terms in the Maine Legislature from a Portland district. By: Jeff Clark

Smooth Operators

An impressive road crew knew how to manage snow on Springvale’s streets back in 1900. By: Joshua F. Moore

Dining on the Edge

The Pickled Herring is gambling big that remote Eastport can support a fine restaurant. By: Wayne Curtis

A Taste of Greece

Greek olive oil and other goodies made in Maine.

Water Wars

A Portland resolution supports the tap.

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