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📷 Sean Alonzo Harris, from Standard Baking Co. Pastries

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A fire destroyed 154-year-old Chesuncook Lake House, a onetime boardinghouse for North Woods loggers that morphed into a lodge accessed primarily by floatplane, boat, or snowmobile. The community is already pitching in to help rebuild.


Huge waves from a nor’easter unearthed a shipwreck at Short Sands Beach. Little is known about the ship, except that it dates back at least 160 years — and that storms expose it every so often, drawing curious beachgoers.


An 83-year-old woman named Jesus Christ (yep, really) sent Oprah a letter about faith and peace. CBS anchor and Oprah bestie Gayle King posted a pic on Instagram, wondering if it’s the divine sign Oprah says she needs to run for president.


Alison Pray, creator of delish caramel apple tartlets and much more at Standard Baking Co., is a James Beard Awards finalist for Outstanding Baker. If she wins on May 7, we’ll pop a few corks — chocolate corks, that is, another of her decadent treats.


A rogue chicken led officers from the Augusta PD on a 20-minute chase through an Olive Garden parking lot, over an embankment, and across four lanes of interstate traffic before being apprehended. One observer called the scene “priceless.”

Presque Isle

The trip from PI to NYC just got a lot shorter. United Airlines announced it will begin offering service this summer between Northern Maine Regional Airport and Newark Liberty International, a mere two-hour flight.

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