January 2014


Village in the Woods

Skiers and snowshoers find adventure and hospitality deep in the central Maine woods.

Winter at the Edge of America

January brings an exquisite loneliness to the remote peninsula town of Lubec.

25 Ways to Embrace Winter

Ride a dogsled, ski Acadia, skate in Portland, and more ideas for making this your best winter ever.


Where in Maine?

Can you identify this snow-covered farm?

Editor’s Note

I encourage you to find new ways to enjoy Maine this time of year. I guarantee you’ll discover an activity or event you haven’t experienced.

Letters to the Editor


Your Maine

How do you enjoy fresh snowfall in Maine?

Ringing in the Ears

A church bell strikes notes of discord in Bath.

Barging In

When an unidentified barge pulled into Portland Harbor on October 10, residents were mystified — not only because of the massive, four-story structure made of metal shipping containers sitting on top, but also because a similar vessel had recently appeared in San Francisco Bay. Speculations flew for a month before tech giant Google fessed up to owning the barges.

Trophy? What Trophy?

Rocking red Bean boots turn the World Champion Red Sox into trendsetters.

The Green Crab Invasion

Will Carcinus maenas destroy Maine’s $15 million soft-shell clam industry?

All Tiled Up

Stained glass isn’t just for church windows and antique lamp shades. Artist Janet Redfield’s contemporary works bring illuminated beauty to Maine homes and public spaces.

Button Up

Four ways to lower your heating bill this winter.

Ice Man

De-icing planes during Maine winters is not a job for the faint of heart.


Explore Portland’s most daring dinner at the newly reopened Hugo’s.

Island Living

Experience the islands of Penobscot Bay with a collaborative volume of art and poetry.

January Calendar

Go here. Do this. See that.

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