January 2009


My Maine Wedding: Four Seasons of Celebrations

No doubt about it, Maine is the perfect location for a summer wedding. But the state is also a beautiful destination for a fall, winter, or spring ceremony. Here are four weddings that prove it. For more Maine wedding ideas from these couples and others, visit www.mainevows.com winter Jessika Brooks

Home and Garden: Best Landscaping Pioneer

Long forgotten, the late Ellen Louise Payson of Portland is reclaiming a place in the pantheon of great landscape architects. By: Edgar Allen Beem

Travel and Adventure: Best State Park

Lily Bay State Park is our pick for the best state park in the state. By: Joshua F. Moore

Food and Drink: Best Home Cooking

The Spelt Right bakery in Yarmouth has become a godsend to wheat-sensitive noshers. By: Kathleen Fleury

My Maine Wedding: Life as Art

Belfast designer Meredith Alex “flavor-blasts” her clients’ way to wedded bliss. By: Michaela Cavallaro

Odds and Ends: Best New Political Dynasty

For the first time, the Maine legislature has a family connection to Congress. Chellie and Hannah Pingree will put their maternal bond to good use. By: Virginia Wright

Travel and Adventure: Best of the Rest

blast from the past Photo Credit: Warren Jagger Captain Lord Mansion Celebrating an anniversary is no time to skimp, and this 1812 Federal-style mansion has enough four-poster beds, crown moulding, and richly colored wallpaper to reassure your sweetheart that you value her as much as Mr. Darcy did Elizabeth

Shops and Services: Best of the Rest

cross-country ski shop Photo Credit: Jennifer Baum Carter’s X-C Ski Shop If seventy-five bucks for a lift ticket isn’t lifting your spirits much this winter, we still recommend hitting the trails . . . the flat ones. You know, cross-country trails, the ones requiring you to break a sweat

My Maine Wedding: Making it Legal

How to get married in the Pine Tree State.

Odds and Ends: Best of the Rest

world music Photo Credit: Dennis Griggs The Bowdoin International Music Festival For six weeks each summer the campus of Bowdoin College in Brunswick really does come alive with the sound of music. Since 1964, this acclaimed festival has brought some of the world’s most talented young musicians

Shops and Services: Best Snoop

Lewiston private investigator Mark Cayer is the guy other gumshoes call when they can’t crack the case. By: Gerry Boyle. Photography by: Jeff Scher

Food and Drink: Best of the Rest

snack Fox Family Potato Chips The Maine potato is such an icon, such an enduring and delicious epitome of starchy goodness, and the Fox family, of Aroostook County, has been growing potatoes for so long (since the 1800s), that you begin to wonder why they waited to get into the chip business. No matter.

Home and Garden: Best of the Rest

screen doors Photo Credit: Courtesy Wooden Screen Door Company Wooden Screen Door Company Nothing says summer like the gunshot slap of a tight-springed screen door on a hot afternoon, and we often wonder whatever happened to that distinctive sound. John Otterbein has been doing his best to restore the


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