September 2005


Campfire Grrrl

At Maine’s annual Becoming an Outdoors-Woman weekend, I came face-to-face with my inner woods weenie.

  • By: Elizabeth Peavey

How to Call a Moose

Master Maine Guide Greg Drummond, of Highland Plantation, demonstrates the arcane art of attracting a moose. Don’t try this at home!

  • Photography by: Peggy McKenna

Where in Maine?

This island home overlooking Casco Bay belonged to a true American hero. Can you identify it?

Camden’s Best-Kept Secret

Hidden away off Route 1, Merryspring Nature Park is more than just a community garden ? it?s a community triumph.

  • By: Rebecca Martin Evarts
  • Photography by: Peggy McKenna

Painting the Town Together

Following separate paths that occasionally lead to the same place, husband and wife artists Jon Imber and Jill Hoy are capturing the essence of summer in Stonington.

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem
  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro

Beachtown Boomtown

Scarborough is the fastest-growing town in the state. Is this the suburban future of Maine?

  • By: Michaela Cavallaro
  • Photography by: Randy Ury

Letters to The Editor

Where in Maine? I cannot begin to describe the excitement I felt when I saw the mystery picture of the magnificent, castle-like building in your June issue. Did you know that from sometime in the late 1940s to sometime in the 1960s it was known as Marie Joseph Academy, a Catholic boarding school for

The Bike Man of Chebeague

From tricycles to ten-speeds, Mac Passano has the perfect bike for a visit to this Casco Bay island. And did we mention the bikes are free?

  • By: James V. Horrigan
  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro

Northern Exposure

If your town was built on timber, what do you do when the mills close and lumberyards leave? In the case of Patten, you bravely face the future.

  • By: Brian Fiske
  • Photography by: Dean Abramson

Who’s Afraid of Michael Heath?

The controversial leader of the Christian Civic League has built his career by opposing gay rights ? and by making his political opponents see red.

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro


The Rumphius Factor

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

A Dirty Rotten Shame

A new generation of grassroots activists is determined to clean up the Androscoggin River.

  • By: Jeff Clark

An Irishman in Portland

Thanks to a Dublin novelist, readers on the Emerald Isle know every dark corner of Maine.

  • By: Agnes Bushell

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

A Guide to Exploring Maine in Autumn

Mystery Train

A new rail line from Brunswick to Rockland unlocks the hidden beauty of the midcoast.

  • By: Meadow Rue Merrill

Center Stage

Performances, exhibitions, and festivals make for a lively autumn in Maine.

View From The Top

There?s no better way to see Maine?s majestic fall foliage than from aloft.

  • By: Meadow Rue Merrill

Splendor in the Grass

Maine’s state parks range from five acres to thousands of acres, but they all share a few qualities: scenic views, some of the best foliage-watching opportunities in Maine, and a chance for young and old to stretch their legs and enjoy the awe-inspiring autumn display. And with day-use rates of between

Get Smart

Whether you’re looking for a hotel room at the last minute, a recommendation of where to eat, or advice on finding the best spot to see the foliage, chambers of commerce throughout Maine are ready to help. Here’s how to reach these smart and helpful souls, organized alphabetically by town or region.

Garden State

Mainers looking for the best prices and the finest selection of produce head not to gigantic grocery stores, but to their local farmer’s market. Whether you are looking for pumpkins, apples, or potatoes, these seasonal bazaars are always worth a visit — for the friendly conversation as much as

Chef’s Wharf

Port Clyde’s Dip Net restaurant has all the hallmarks of a classic Maine lobster shack — the weathered gray building just off the docks, the picnic tables where you can sit and watch the lobsterboats pulling up, the menu rich with seafood. That’s where the similarities end, though. The Dip Net

  • By: Andrew Vietze

The Big Show

Anyone who has enjoyed autumn in Maine knows that when it comes to foliage, the Pine Tree State really knows how to roll out the red carpet. Maple, oak, and birch leaves that provided welcome shade just a few weeks earlier erupt in a barrage of color, eventually cascading onto summer-worn lawns and pathways

  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro

MBNA Uncertainty

Will Maine?s poor business climate cost the state thousands of jobs?

Lost Highway

Wandering off the beaten track is a great way to add some adventure to your autumn.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

A Shift of Season

In the call of a bird you can sometimes hear the passage of time.

  • By: Susan Hand Shetterly

Duck and Cover

Attending school in Rockport during the Cold War was not as terrifying as it might seem.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

Wild at Heart

When it comes to hunting and fishing, the Pine Tree State is an angler’s and a shooter’s paradise. From the graceful fly-fishing waters of Grand Lake Stream to the thrill of stalking your prey through the Greenville woods, you’ll find no shortage of places to enjoy the outdoors this fall. Many sporting