October 1994



The Road to Jackman

One of the oldest routes in Maine is also one of the most scenic — especially when the leaves turn. Photographs by Douglas Merriam.

The Mushroom Lady

Upcountry entrepreneur Barbara Skapa has singlehandedly built a new industry in central Maine — and it’s mushrooming. By Luann Yetter.

What is Farmington Reading?

Everything,  it seems, judging from rhe 50,000 books that are checked out of the library there each month. By Robert Kimber.

Putting the Garden to Bed

To mulch or not to mulch, that is the question. Even the experts don’t agree on how to get a Maine garden ready for winter. By Jane Lamb.

Where in Maine?

So you think you know your way around the state. This scene looks familiar, but is it? Photograph by Kevin Shields.

The Scriveners

Elisabeth Ogilvie and Dot Simpson have written nearly fifty books between them, about the island  life they know so well. By Margot McWilliams.

New Twist in Braided Rugs

The time-honored American craft of rug braiding will soon be accepted as an art form, if Verna Cox has anything to say about it. By Jeff Clark.

Wings of Wood

If you want one of Chris Murray’s decoys, get in line and be prepared to wait a year or two. By Patrisha McLean.

Climbing Up Tumbledown

This 3,000-foot peak  in western Maine is not an easy hike, but the views from the summit reward the hardy souls who make it. Photographs by Randy Ury.

Buxton’s Cure-All

About all that remains of David Horace Buxton’s lucrative (and potent)  elixir is the wagon he used to deliver  it from store to store. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With a View

Most celebrities claim they want to safeguard their private  lives and live normally, but they work ceaselessly to retain their celebrity and from all  I can gather it is dull work and a lot of them fail at it. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Camden

Dispensing Smiles

Down East Viewpoint

Saving the View

Inside  Maine

Fruits of Autumn

Along the Waterfront

The ‘Baron’ Goes West

Outdoor Maine

Trophies for the Table

Down East Bookshelf

A Marriage Made at Woodstock by Cathie Pelletier

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Summers at West Quoddy Head

Cover: Few stretches of highway in New England can match the old Arnold Trail, Route 201, for autumn panoramas. Just keep an eye out for moose. Photograph by Douglas Merriam.