Down East October 1980

October 1980

The table of contents from the October 1980 issue of Down East.


Tendin’ Store at Cundys Harbor

Maine’s oldest family-run general store carries on. By John Cole.

Grandpa’s Punkin Caper

Wherein an idea to recycle punkins falls on fertile soil. By John Gould.

‘All We Need is an Ax’

An award-winning solar home lets the sun shine in. By Sabra Morton.

Making It In Maine

Two success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Mr. Audubon in Maine

Two visits yielded some of the artist’s best work. By Robert Deis.

Autumn’s Reign

Color essay: When fall holds sway over the countryside.

True Yankee Grit

A Down East sawmill fights off modern trends. Photographs by Marty Brown.

A Maine Education

Learning the three Rs in central Maine a century ago. By Melville C. Freeman.

Toughing It Out

A special section on coping with the energy crunch, Down East style.


Room With A View

Placing ridiculous slogans on state Iicense plates is a tired and tiresome fad that should have run  its course by this time. By Caskie Stinnett.

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

Traveling Down East

Behind the Scenes of Autumn’s Drama

Outdoor Maine

Hunting Season Due for Several Changes

Down East Bookshelf

New England: The Four Seasons photographs by Arthur Griffin

I Remember

Saving the Family China

Cover: “Autumn Homestead” (20″ x 28″), oil on canvas by Roger Gilson, who, for forty years, was a member of the art department of the Boston Herald American, A longtime summer resident of the coast of Maine, Mr. Gilson exhibits his work at Maine’s Massachusetts House, in Lincolnville.