November 1994



Return of the Native?

The last timber wolf in Maine was shot on sight. Should we bring in more to face the same fate? As the debate heats up, the canny canine seems to be deciding the issue for itself. By Jeff Clark.

Saturday Night at Stacey’s

Hottest spot in Brewer is a country-rock bar famed throughout Maine and the Maritimes for its foot-stomping fun. By Sarah Goodyear.

Found Art

Unusual still lifes capture the pattems and textures  of autumn. Photographs by R. Scott Baltz.

Where in Maine?

So you think you know your way around the state. This scene seems familiar, but do you recognize it? Photograph by Thomas Mark Szelog.

Cranberry for Thanksgiving

A family on Great Cranberry Island has figured out a way to enjoy their fine old summer home in any season of the year. By Nan Lincoln.

Making It In Maine

Three more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Vaulting Aspirations

Even larger than New York City Hall, the granite and marble monument that is Portland City Hall hints at how the city saw itself  in 1912. Photographs by Tillman Crane.

A Geopolitical Curiosity

Life in Maine’s northemmost village, Estcourt Station, has its amusing aspects. By Joseph E. Brown.

The Safecracker

An arresting old photograph documents a bleak moment in Camden history. By Ellen MacDonaldWard.



Room  With a View

The beguiling thing about a puppy is its unquenchable optimism. It gives the impression that things are just right, when the yellowed pages of the New York Times under its feet contend that everything is wrong. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of South Thomaston

Dynamite’s Diploma

The Maine Viewpoint

Fuming Over Auto Tests

Inside Maine

Café des Artistes

Down East Bookshelf

Fifty Days of Solitude by Doris Grumbach

Along the Waterfront

Transatlantic Record

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

The Hiram Sharpshooter


Cover: Black huckleberries, by R. Scott Baltz.