Down East May 1993

May 1993

The table of contents from the May 1993 issue of Down East.


Last Roundup on Isle au Haut

With herring scarce or nonexistent, the annual spring chore of mending the weir on this remote offshore island has become a tenuous act of faith. By Jennifer Wixson.

Reluctant Guru

Eliot Coleman originally set out to live the good life on Cape Rosier with his flower-gardening wife, Barbara Damrosch. But after writing two best-selling gardening books he finds his time is no longer his own. By Jeff Clark.

North to Seboomook

Fifty years ago, a sport and his guide canoed the Allagash in glorious solitude. By Albert L. Nickerson.

Just Wild about Harry

After thirty years on the Westbrook beat, American Journal editor and publisher Harry Foote still manages to scoop his big-city rivals. By Jeff Shula.

The Greening of Appleton

On the river and along the ridge that runs through this rural community, verdant shoots of spring reach for the sun. Photographs by Richard Procopio.

Making It In Maine

Chartering yachts, building bat houses, and crafting canoe paddles — three more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Boating Down East

A Guide to Summer Pleasures Afloat, an annual twenty-four-page supplement by the Editors of Down East.


Room With A View

When professional football teams first invaded my television screen, I was struck by the absurdity of people taking sides with one team or the other, since they were, in fact, two teams of millionaires and of the twenty-two players not a single one had ever lived in the city whose name was embroidered on their work clothes. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Augusta

Trading Up

The Maine Viewpoint

Mt. Desert Wish List

Down East Bookshelf

Writing Dangerously: Mary McCarthy and Her World by Carol Brightman

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Squirrel Island Legacy

Cover: Readying the weir nets, Isle au Haut. Photograph by Jeff Dworsky.