Down East May 1987

May 1987

The table of contents from the May 1987 issue of Down East.


Putting It All Together

Robert Woodbury, new University of Maine chancellor, has undertaken the daunting task of unifying the state’s unruly system of higher education. By Jeff Clark.


Spectacular vistas are commonplace in Maine’s easternmost town. By Morgan Hebard.

History with a Small ‘h’

Fruits of the Temple Historical Society’s labors include a restored schoolhouse and a treasure-trove of stories caught on the wing. By Robert Kimber.

Making It in Maine

Two more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Sculptor in Residence

Castine sculptor Clark Fitz-Gerald lives and works on a rugged promontory of the Maine coast from which he draws his artistic sustenance. By Norah Deakin Davis.

Bangor’s Most Exclusive Bookmaker

Michael Alpert is into books, not horses, but his wares are expensive. Would you believe $1,350 for a copy of King Lear? By Wayne E. Reilly.

The State of Maine’s Dandy ‘Lion’

Rescued from a Portland scrapyard, the meticulously restored Lion has eamed a place of honor at the Maine State Museum. By Ellen E. MacDonald.

A Plenitude of Boulders

Great rocks teach a lesson: don’t confront Nature, just go around her. By Roy Barrette.

The Day We Bombed Lewiston

Mark it down to inexperience, but the ill-fated B36 mission flown out of Loring Air Force Base was hardly SAC’s finest hour. By William V. Kennedy.

Falmouth’s Leading Growth Industry

In the last 100 years, Skillin’s Greenhouses has grown from a part-time purveyor of posies to the largest garden center in the state. By Jane Lamb.

Boating Down East

A Guide to Summer Pleasures Afloat, a special 32-page supplement by the Editors of Down East.


Room With A View

A recollection of Maine rushed back to me, a recollection that was as refreshing as a summer shower, not because the Maine island is so great but probably because it is so small. By Caskie Stinnett.

For the Record

Clipper Ship Relic Sails Home to Maine

The Maine Viewpoint

Rails to Trails

Outdoor Maine

Gone Fiddleheading

Down East Bookshelf

Books for the Sailor Ashore and Afloat

Calendar of Events

May Highlights

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Opening Our Crescent Lake Cottage

Cover: Sea trials off Mount Desert Island, by Benjamin Mendlowitz.