June 2005


The Man Who Invented Monhegan

Rockwell Kent was the first of the great twentieth-century artists to capture the island in oils.

  • By: John Hadley

Accepting the Challenge

Whether he?s coaxing a finicky plant to bloom or climbing yet another Maine mountain, a Belfast man keeps …

  • By: Rebecca Martin Evarts

The Public Humiliation of Ralph Owen Brewster

The senator from Maine was stunned when aviation tycoon Howard Hughes turned the tables on his congressional investigation.

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem

Elegance Alfresco

For caterer extraordinaire Stacey Glassman, the secret to creating memorable occasions is all in the details.

  • By: Michaela Cavallaro

Marshall Island’s Moment

A gorgeous island off Mount Desert that almost became an exclusive gated community at sea has just been preserved in all its wildness.

  • By: Jeff Clark


Ever wonder why the things that go bump in the night at this time of the year usually turn out to be June bugs? Ken Textor tracked down the answer.

  • By: Ken Textor

Letters to The Editor

Vacationland Bigotry As a collector of vintage Maine travel and tourism brochures, I enjoyed your April article “America’s Summer Playground.” I was struck, however, by your use of the term “refined vacationers” to describe the type of patron sought by (and drawn to) certain summer colonies. You may

Reclaiming Roads Not Taken

Up and down the coast, communities are using a little-known state program to find and re-establish public rights-of-way to the shore.

  • By: Nancy Comiskey

At Home in a Boathouse

A former coaling station in Casco Bay has been converted into a sunny guesthouse.

  • By: Patrick McManus

Where in Maine?

This ghost of a grand hotel is now a landmark in a resort community. Recognize it?


Everything is Satisfactual

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

Silent Schools

Shrinking student numbers will change the way small-town Maine educates its kids.

  • By: Jeff Clark

No Place for a Woman

Helen Hamlin?s classic memoir of life in the Maine wilderness is back in print.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Attean Adventure

A wild pond near the Quebec border offers privacy to intrepid paddlers.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Equal Rights at Last

Without undue fanfare, the governor and legislature finally righted an embarrassing wrong.

Environmental Concord

For some reason no flowers will deign to blossom on my island ? with two exceptions.

  • By: Caskie Stinnett

Francine, Camden

Cozy sophistication is the house specialty of this unassuming little bistro.

  • By: Brooke Dojny

June Highlights

Garden tours, music festivals, and summer stock are all on the calendar this month.

Family Business

Family bonds can be as strong as good, handmade furniture, as this early occupational portrait from Norway suggests.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore