June 1969


Letters to the Editor

Calendar of Summer Events

Loss of the Schooner ‘Marcus L. Urann’

By Roger B. Buettell.

Room With a View

By Alvin R.L. Dohme.

North by East

The Sloop ‘Wave Crest’ Retires

By Francis W. Hatch.

Elijah Kellogg of Elm Island

By Anne Molloy.

The Old Axe Shop in Oakland

Photographs by Peter S. Vogt.

Through the Stereoscope

By Ruth L.W. Draper.

The Cedar Tree — A Poem

By Amelia Rogers.

The Maine Face of Little League

By Robert Mattox.

Summer Hotel

By J. Malcolm Barter.

Canoeing East Branch Waters

By Henry H. Franklin.

Canoe Country

A portfolio of color photographs.

Old Days on Bustins Island

By Miriam Hosmer.

The Down East Enterprise

Down East Bookshelf

Outdoor Maine

By Gene Letourneau.


By Doc Rockwell.


Cover: by Thomas R. Crotty.