August 1998



North By East

Opinions and musings on free parking in Ogunquit, relocating lobsters in Casco Bay, and a benign incursion of Big Brother in Camden.

The Battle of Biddeford Pool

Even as gentle sea breezes whisper through the summer houses of this tony community, residents debate whether they should take another stab at officially separating from Biddeford. By Paul Mann.

Paddling the Allagash, at Last

Like many a Mainer, I’d never canoed the fabled river, and neither had my fourteen-year-old daughter. We were both surprised at what we found. By Edgar Allen Beem.

The Stotesburys’ Bar Harbor Folly

Ned and Eva Stotesbury once had  it all — a summer cottage with eighty rooms, an ocean view, and a fortune in art and antiques. Eighteen years later  it was all gone. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

The Lord and Nellie

Credit for one of the most delightful gardens in Maine goes to an indomitable duo who’ve worked together  for years. By Jane Lamb.

Where Do Seagull Babies Come From?

Ever wonder why you’ve never seen a seagull chick. There’s a good reason. By Powell Boyer.

Tough Questions  and Bad Hats

As Washington reporter for the Portland Press Herald, May Craig had an unflappable style that was well-known to everyone from Franklin Roosevelt to Fidel Castro. By Henry Lofton.

The Back of Beyond

One of the most stunning sights in Baxter State Park, Davis Pond is seen by only a few hundred hikers every year — for some monumental reasons. Photographs by Robert Villani.

Wagons Ho!

A standard sight of summer in Maine since the early fifties has been a parade of giant silver Airstreams rolling up Route l, but don’t look for them en masse this year.

One Happy Beachcomber

Mimi Gregoire Carpenter knows just which Maine beaches to visit to find the tidal treasures she turns into meticulous paintings. By Elizabeth Peavey.

A Whole New Vorld

Motorists on I-95 south of Freeport can be excused if they think they see the whole world passing before their eyes. Photograph by Jeffrey Stevensen.

Shipshape House

A Victorian manse in Bath seems to be transforming into a sailing ship in this unusual vintage photograph. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With A View

Weathermen and weatherwomen are busy people; they are paid to get us through the day as best they can. Accuracy is almost irrelevant. By Caskie Stinnett.

 The  TaIk of  Maine

Clearing the Smoke

The Maine  Viewpoint

Selling the North Woods

Inside Maine

Cottage Life

Dining Down East

Lobsterman’s Wharf

Down East Bookshelf

The Man from Prosperity

Along the  Waterfront

Chasing Whales

I Remember

Of Gardening and Gout


Cover: Biddeford Pool, Maine, by Jeffrey Stevensen.