March 2013


Maine At Work

Down East takes a look at how Mainers are making money in 2013. Below are eleven Mainers from the state’s top industries.

The Mentor: Emanuel Pariser

Education Services

The Baby Catchers: Ellie Daniels and Donna Broderick

Health Services

The Hipster Honchos: Pete and Kim Erskine

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities

The Haute Host: Peggy S. Liversidge

Leisure & Hospitality

The Influencer: Severin Beliveau

Professional Services

Master of Play: Barrett Brown


King of Credit: Michael Dubyak

Financial Activities

The Lighthouse Keeper-Upper: David Nazaroff


The Woodsman: Jeremiah Crockett

Public Administration

The Cat Whisperer: Hilda Taylor


The Anti-Diva: Suzanne Nance



Where in Maine?

Can you identify this pastoral scene?

Editor’s Note

True or false: There are more lawyers in Maine than lobstermen.

Your Maine

What was the best job you ever had in Maine?

Gilded Crustacean

A $2,013 Maine lobster dinner gets some takers in Manhattan.

The Police Blotter

One Week in Fort Kent

All-Terrain Art

An auto shop has become one of Rockland’s most popular galleries.

What’s in a Picture?

Central Park Pilates

Prefab Style

An architect almost erases the line between dwelling and nature with a sleek, modern kit house.

The Great Escape

An evening snowshoe across a frozen lake to see the northern lights turns into a fight for survival.

Tabletop Art

When an old bedside table needed a face-lift, it was the perfect reason to create this chart-topped tabletop.

The Black Birch

Kittery’s Best New Pub

Right Under Your Nose

Stache Pag

Through a Glass, Beautifully

Monica Wood looks back to the year it all went wrong.

March Calendar

Go here. Do this. See that.

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